What A Weekend It Was, Typical Missouri Weather!

Like most spring weekends in Missouri, this past one was wet, cold, and slushy. Unfortunately, Jim and I didn’t get to take the Road King out of the garage, but it did give Jim a chance to finish the coffee measure that he was making for an amazing couple that we met on a, “Travels with Harley,” trip through Canada back in 2011.

After coming back around the northern edge of Lake Superior, we stopped at a local Laundromat and asked a friendly looking man where the best place to eat was. After chatting for a while, Jim discovered that he was a Harley rider who was from Faribault MN. He was working in the area, and was happy to help. He insisted that Jim and I meet him and his lady friend for a meal at the local casino. Honestly, when I recant this story to friends, the first thing they ask is, “How do you know he and his girl weren’t serial killers?” Jim and I tend to have a sixth sense about folks, and we knew that this guy was the real deal.

After a wonderful dinner and great conversation, he and his partner asked us to stay at their home in Faribault. We jumped at the chance and enjoyed a wonderful ride the next evening on a pontoon boat heading across the lake for a late night supper.

Since that time Jim has wanted to make an Apple Wood Coffee Measure  as a gift of thanks, and YAY, he has finally had time to finish it…it’s been tough with 15 hour days at the store for the past couple of years.

This next week we will be attempting to clean up our store getting it ready for a potential sale, hopefully we will be ready for another ride this coming weekend. We have so much to share in, “Travels with Harley,” and I hope you will all come along for the ride!

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