Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

Demea and I needed a vacation. We’d been working really hard and needed a break. We’d planned on driving to St. Louis, flying to Los Angeles and then on to Honolulu. We were going to rent a Harley and ride around Kauai and Oahu. Demea booked first class. I had never flown first class before and was really looking forward to it.

I decided to wear my favorite Harley t-shirt and when they called for the first class passengers, Demea and I were the first ones in line. While we were waiting this man, woman and 2 teenagers move forward attempting to step in front of us, so I put my left arm straight out and point over my left shoulder and tell him the back of the line is right there. He says they are boarding first class, and I say, I know and the back of the line is still back there pointing over my shoulder again. He gives me a funny look but doesn’t try to get ahead of me. I didn’t laugh then I do now. He just assumed that I wasn’t a first class passenger because I was wearing a Harley shirt. My buddy still gives me a hard time about it. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a person by how they are dressed.

We had a great time riding on Kauai and stayed at this wonderful hotel called the Hotel Corral Reef in Kapaa. Demea and I highly recommend it if you want to kick back and relax. On our first ride, we started out and the sun was shining, but in Hawaii, it can cloud up quick, and that is exactly what it did. It started raining and I was thinking, “Crap we need to get back to the hotel,” but it stopped as quickly as it started. That was pretty much how it was the whole time we were there. We just rode the Harley through the storm and didn’t let the rain bother us.

We were in Kauai for 3 days and then flew to Oahu and spent 2 days and nights at The Lotus at Diamond Head. It was a nice hotel and they even let me park my bike in the valet parking. Honolulu is pretty crowded for my taste, but once we got on the road we had the island to ourselves. I was really impressed with the pineapple fields. I had never seen anything like it. Coming from the Midwest, I’m used to corn and bean fields, but because we were on the bike, it seemed like home.

I’m really glad that we rented a bike. If we had taken a car, we never would have felt the hot tropical sun or the warm rain. That’s the thing about bike riding, you really feel the elements.

I’m hoping we can get back one day so we can do more, “Travels with Harley,” and see the rest of Hawaii.