Man I Hate It When She Is Right

In July of 2008, Demea and I took a week off from the store and flew to Sacramento California. Taking a cab to the Sacramento Harley dealer, where we rented a 2008 Road King. My in-laws live outside of Auburn, California, we so we rode the 35 miles north.

We stayed a couple of days visiting with her folks. Demea’s brother Bob had just bought a new Harley-Davidson Fatboy, so we decided to stop by and visit he and his wife and travel farther north to the redwoods together as we had never met.

Back then, the Harley dealer in Auburn didn’t rent bikes, but Bob wanted to buy a luggage rack. Demea and I had taken our leather jackets with us, she said it would be cold up in the redwoods. It was July, and I didn’t think it would be that cold. While we were there at the Auburn dealer Demea wanted to buy some chaps. I didn’t think we needed them but, my wife likes to ride in style, so we bought a pair for her and a pair for me.

We went up highway 49 thru Grass Valley It was hot upper 80s low 90s. When we took off had on were t-shirts, but by the time we made our second gas stop we were all in leathers, I hate it when she is right.

I have seen big trees before, but nothing like the redwoods it was some very pretty riding if you go dress warm of course! We had to drive through the big tree with the road cut in it. Demea and I wanted to go on farther north to see the other trees, but Bob wanted to get back home as he had come by himself. We spent the night, and came back the next day coming back down highway 1. It was pretty riding, but man was it crooked and there was curves. I had the bike in first gear. I could have been in a higher gear, but she would drag one side or the other. It was a rental, and I didn’t want them charging me for damage. We were taking the curves in first gear while sports bikes zoomed past us. Demea told me later that she had her eyes closed through most of the curves, said it scared her.

We were right next to the Pacific Ocean and I was glad I had bought the chaps I hate it when she is right. After we got farther south it warmed back up, we were in t-shirts again. We were coming through those mountains, and there was some road construction, apparently, there always is. At one point, we had to wait in a long line of cars and even had to shut off the bikes.

There was a pretty steep canyon off on our right down maybe 300 feet with a bit of gravel. The line of traffic started moving so we fired up the bikes and got back going, still pretty fast, 40 – 45 mph. This car was up a couple of car lengths and off to the side there was a little side road. All of the sudden this little car shoots out, if I had touched the brakes I would have hit the front fender so I just whipped her over on to the little shoulder , like I said, it was skinny and gravel and a long way down. It was one of those decisions you make in a split second. I was just hoping that she didn’t slide on the gravel.

All of the sudden this little dart darts in front of me from the side road. ,The car darted in the line of traffic, and our little Road King didn’t miss a stroke. I pulled back into traffic…man, I was mad, but when you are riding a Harley, you have to be on the defensive. Sure I was mad, scared and pissed, but you’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do.

After we got back, Demea’s brother Bob said it was a good thing that I could ride. He said he thought I was going to go off into the canyon, or hit the car…neither one of those were good choices. Honestly, I thought I was going to crash.

This was another one of our awesome Travels with Harley, and I hope to go back one day.

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