Weekend Getaways Are The Best


Jim and I always try to get away for Memorial Day weekend, even if it is only for a day or two, but this past weekend we were unable to. The weather was supposed to be bad on Monday and sketchy on Saturday and Sunday, so we decided to work at the store. With that being said, I do remember a Memorial Day ride that we took a few years back, and it was awesome.

The weather hung in there pretty well, and although there were thunderclouds with threats of rain, we stayed dry for the trip. It did rain on Monday, but we were in the store and glad that we decided to take Saturday and Sunday instead of Monday.

That particular year, we did have to work a bit on Saturday morning, but finally got out of the store around 1:00 if I remember correctly. We were already packed so were able to jump on the bike and head out of town. Luckily, we had missed all of the traffic and the roads were clear. It was a bit chilly, but I always like riding in my leathers and so does Jim.


We always have a plan and decided we would head south. A storm was brewing in the north, and the last thing that we wanted to do was ride through a tornado or serious lighting and thunderstorm. We’ve done that before and trust me, it’s no picnic!



Because the weather was so unpredictable that particular weekend, we decided to take a short road trip to Springfield. We take the 47 down to the 44. Most folks don’t know that Route 47 is one of the original state highways and was built back in 1922.

We always make our reservations before we leave. We have flown by the seat of our pants in the past, but on a busy holiday weekend, it doesn’t pay to take your chances.

Jim and I like Bed and Breakfast Inns especially if they have a good spread in the morning. We have always wanted to try the Walnut Street Inn and were really impressed.


The service was awesome and the owners, Gary and Paula Blankenship, couldn’t have been nicer. It was more of a boutique hotel than a B & B and had all of the amenities you could ask for, but with the charm of a southern style B & B.

We had a great night’s sleep and woke up to a huge breakfast prepared by a 5 star chef…if you have been reading my blog, you would know that Jim is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, and I’m a real foodie, but Walnut Street catered for both of our tastes.

That afternoon we spent the day window-shopping and after checking out the Branson Train Station, decided we would be back to take the 40 mile train trip one day. Of course, we finished the afternoon off with a couple of hours at the Bass Pro and really enjoyed the newly renovated aquarium.


It was getting late so we decided to head home, and have dinner on the way. We found a great little diner in Rolla. Joe and Linda’s Tater Patch is a classic biker bar, and Jim and I loved it. Jim had a pulled pork sandwich that was as big as his head, seriously! I decided on a, “Stuffed Tater,” because that is what this place is famous for. At first I couldn’t decide as there are several on the menu, but finally ordered the Chicken Pot Pie Tater. Both of us were stuffed and happy that we didn’t order an appetizer…doggie bags really don’t work well on the Road King!

Jim and I love our. “Travels with Harley,” and will defiantly spend another weekend at the Walnut Street Inn, and of course stop at Joe and Linda’s either on the way, or on the way back…I have my eye on both the breakfast and lunch menu, and so does Jim!