There Is Nothing Better Than Blowing Away the Garbage


We have had so much rain this year that it has been tough trying to get out for a ride. Of course, there are all kinds of riders, die hards that ride all the time whether it’s raining cats and dogs, or the sun is beating down, and those that will only put on the leathers if there isn’t a cloud in site. Jim and I are somewhat in-between.

There are those days when we wake up in the morning and not even the threat of rain will stop us, and other times when the thought of a possible shower sends us back inside. With that being said, and with our ages, we take a bit more care when it comes to safety and comfort.


If we do decide to ride in the rain, we wear our neon orange and green so that cars can see us. Riding a Harley is dangerous enough and when you add bad weather to the mix, it can be even worse.

So, when it comes to riding in the rain and if we have to question ourselves, we usually cancel and wait for another day.

A couple of weeks ago we both had a day off and because the weather was promising, decided to jump on the Road King. The weather report predicted rain that evening, but if we left, earlier enough we knew that we could take a ride over to Hermann, MO and be back before the showers started.


We took Highway 100 over to Hermann and it was a really nice ride. Once we got there, we discovered that it was Mayfest week. I couldn’t wait to get off the bike as there was a street fair going on, and I love street fairs and great finds!


After we parked the Harley, we strolled along four-city block and visited booths just enjoying our day off. As I said, I love, “Finds,” discovering a new bakery that makes potato bread with sunflower seeds and just about every other possible grain that you can imagine. Other great discoveries included soy candles and gorgeous planters made out of gourds. One of our personal favorites was a used bookstore.


Once we were finished checking out Mayfest, we jumped back on the Road King and crossed the river back to Washington on the opposite bank. You know, that’s one of the best things about our, “Travels with Harley,” You can get away for three or four hours and feel rested and refreshed…for some reason, the wind seems to blow away all of the garbage.