We Can’t Wait To Retire

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Last year on the Wild West H.O.G. ride we met some great people and have stayed in contact with a few of them through FB and email. Earlier this year one of those friends, Mike Weiss, told us he was planning to take a ride down the old Route 66. It didn’t take long before one of the other riders, Jon Galvin, who hails from Denver, Colorado decided to join him on part of the ride.

Of course, we were very happy to have them schedule a stop here, although the timing was a bit dicey.


At one point, they were scheduled to ride into town the day before my store inventory. When we have inventory I never get out of the store until after 7:00 PM and it starts all over again at 6:00 AM the next morning.


Luckily, Mike and Jon came into town two days after our inventory, so we were able to meet up and do a little riding, I was happy about that as I know that Jim really likes to get out of the store and get in some Harley time.

The four of us agreed to meet at the Arch in St Louis, but when Jim and I got there, we realized that we hadn’t specified where to meet. The Arch isn’t like a local bar, so it could have been a problem, but as fate would have it, we drove down by the riverfront and there they were riding towards us as we came up to the Lumiere Casino right by the parking garages.


We rode over to the Chain of Rocks Bridge, got off our bikes, and walked halfway across. Mike was setting his camera on the edge of the bridge, as it was the perfect spot for a photo op. After he set the timer he leaned over, and of course, his glasses fell off the top of his hand and landed on the outside of the railing nearly 10 feet down on a ledge.


We headed back to our bikes to see if we could find something to retrieve his glasses with. If you wear prescription glasses, you know how expensive they are, so you want to do everything you can to get them back. Paper clips and branches lost out to a ratchet strap with a hook on the end. Luckily, Mike managed to hook his glasses with the strap and carefully pull them up to the rail edge.


All of that careful, “Fishing,” really worked up an appetite so we decided to head off for a bite to eat in St. Charles, MO. If you have been reading my blogs you will know that I am a lover of restaurants and always try to check out what others have to say before Jim and I sample it ourselves.


Anyway, Allin’s Diner had great reviews on Yelp so we decided it was the perfect place to spend some quality time with our, “Travels with Harley,” friends, Mike and Jon. The reviewers on Yelp were spot on. The food was excellent. I had a lemon pepper Tilapia sandwich


on a baguette with homemade vinegar based cole slaw. I swear I am going back soon because they have a homemade soup that I want to try. Their chips were crispy and not too oily and were definitely homemade. They tasted just like Kettle Chips. Of course, I could keep on raving about Allins, but unless you plan on heading to St. Charles, MO anytime soon I will only make you hungry.

After lunch, we jumped on our bikes and took the Lewis & Clark trail (94) back to Washington, enjoying some great conversation and much needed relaxation.


The next morning Mike and Jon were back on the road ready for more, “Travels with Harley,” while Jim and I had to get back to work…Jealous? Um, yeah, to say the least…I am counting the days, months and years until we can retire and head off on the back of our Road King…Seriously, we were born to ride even if it means we have to stop more often to rest our weary bones.