And The River Continued To Rise

The weather can turn quickly and go from sunny to storming, and vice versa out here in Missouri. The thunderstorms that created tornadoes in Oklahoma and Missouri also caused extensive flooding across the Midwest.

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On Saturday, June 1, the weather report said there was a 90% chance of thunderstorms for Salem, MO. Jim and I had planned to go to an auction as the Missouri Conservation Department has a used equipment auction every year and we wanted to see if there were any enclosed trailers up on the auction block.

Although it was pretty cloudy, there wasn’t really any rain to speak of, other than a few sprinkles. Of course, we would have jumped on the Harley if we had known that. Later in the afternoon as we headed back home to Washington, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day.


We arrived home safe and sound and decided to make use of a Groupon discount coupon that I bought a few months back. One of our local restaurants had changed their name and menu so Jim and I decided to hop on the bike, get a little ride in, and take advantage of the sunshine.


The restaurant was on the riverfront, so we rode down by the river and took in the view. We were both pretty amazed at how high the water was. There were a few warning signs signaling road closures for the following day, but we would be home long before that. The river was supposed to peak sometime early the next morning. The riverfront park was also underwater and the current was moving pretty quickly, but Jim and I felt that we would be okay and decided to head to the restaurant.


Jim and I had been to this restaurant a couple of times before, but the atmosphere had always been a bit uptight and formal, certainly not a place where you would feel comfortable in casual attire. The new name and menu had obviously changed everything about the eatery because both Jim and I felt comfortable enjoying our Steak Caesar Salads in jeans and t-shirts. We had a great time listening to a guitarist on the patio, which was the perfect ending to a relaxing day. We also enjoyed watching the river as it continued to rise. The new, relaxed atmosphere and delicious menu, which we will be back for, made a big difference.

What started out as a day that was supposed to be filled with rain showers ended up being another, “Travels with Harley,” kind of afternoon.