Could There Be A New Road King in the Future?


Our Harley Davidson Road King is a couple of years old now, but already Jim has been eyeing some of the new features on the 2013 model. I’m sure that after Jim and I return from the 110th anniversary in Milwaukee Wisconsin where it all began, he is going to want to start shopping for a new Road King before we set out on another Travels with Harley Adventure.


The new 2013 Road King is pretty awesome. It’s still being powered by Harley Davidson’s twin cam 110 engine that is perfect for touring. The big mill that resides in the chassis is perfectly set up for long hauls and is comparative to the Ultra Classic Electra Glide. It’s also been geared to provide us with a dependable low-end punch. The gearing is wide enough to allow us to get up to highway speeds with minimal shifting.

After reading about the new 2013 Road King, Jim is ready for a test drive and honestly, he has got me excited about it too. Even if we don’t buy a new Harley Davidson Road King we can still take it out on the open road even if it’s only for a test run.


The new Road King is really living up to its name with awesome suspension that apparently provides you with a cushy ride, like I said; Jim has only told me about it so I really can’t give you an opinion yet.

Jim mentioned that the 2013 Road King comes with easy to reach bars and long floorboards. This means that the two of us can sit comfortably on a long ride. The CVO Road King also has a really well padded seat that I know I will appreciate. I also like the fact that it comes with hard locking saddlebags that are much larger than what we are used to. One of the guys in our club told us that the new CVO could hold more than a day’s worth of supplies.



I won’t know much more about the 2013 CVO Road King until we take it out for a test drive, but I’m willing to bet that Jim will be checking it out at the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary.