The 110th Anniversary and Travels with Harley


When Jim and I made plans to take part in the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a Travels with Harley road trip we had no idea what to expect, and as we look back on the Labor Day weekend of 2013, it is almost surreal. The food and drink, the atmosphere, and especially the people made the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary an event that we will remember for the rest of our lives. It was certainly the best Travels with Harley that we have had so far.

laverne and shirley

One of the best things about the celebration was Milwaukee itself. I remember as a kid watching Laverne and Shirley and Happy Days thinking how nice all of the people from Milwaukee seemed and that was proven to me this past Labor Day Weekend at the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary.


When we rolled into town, everyone was already celebrating. We drove underneath the famous overpass and it seemed like there were a million people waving Harley Davidson flags, and of course, the American flag on our Travels with Harley.

Once we parked the bike and took a walk through the streets, everyone had a smile on their face and people just wanted to welcome you into their town, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Even people that didn’t ride were anxious to get a glimpse of people from all over the world that came to celebrate the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary.


Jim and I cannot stop talking about the fabulous 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary parade. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, we were blessed to carry our bike chapter flag and we think we did our Bourbeuse Valley Bike Chapter proud.


Not that I have taken part in that many parades, especially on the back of a Harley Davidson Road King, but I have to say this parade was incredible. The people of Milwaukee were lining the streets carrying homemade, “Welcome Home Riders,” signs and everybody was running out in the middle of the road giving us high fives.

Jim and I had a blast at the 110th Harley Davidson and have much more to share…Next week I’ll tell you about some of the bands we saw and the food we ate on our, Travels with Harley.