Travels with Harley Goes To the Moving Wall

StartWallJim and I had the pleasure of riding with our Bourbeuse Harley Davidson Chapter to see the Vietnam Travelling Wall, or the Moving Wall as it’s really called, in our town of Washington Missouri. The tribute is simply amazing and Jim and I were quite taken aback at the sheer size of the Vietnam Moving Wall.


We left early in the morning with the rest of our chapter excited to see the Moving Wall that our town had been talking about for quite some time.

The Moving Wall is an exact replica of the one in Washington, DC, but half the size. The Moving Wall was dedicated at the DC Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1982.


The Moving Wall was built by Vietnam Veterans about the same time and was put on display in Tyler Texas 29 years ago this month. Two structures of the original wall built by Gerry Haver, Norris Shears and the mind behind the idea, John Devitt now travel around the US for eight months every year from April to November.


The Moving Wall was built to honor, respect, and remember those who lost their lives and soldiers who were missing in action. It is also meant to remember those who returned home from the Vietnam War often to a hostile American Public. By visiting the Moving Wall, Jim and I felt it was a way to welcome home those who fought in the Vietnam War.


The event was held from September 19-23rd in Washington Missouri to honor the 25 service men and women whose names appear on the wall and the 2.7 million who served in the United States Military in Vietnam.

Check out the schedule on the website, and if you have a chance to see the Vietnam War Moving Wall it really is a must see. In the meantime, you can check out the Virtual Wall online.


Jim and I really enjoy taking part in our, “Travels with Harley,” especially when we get to see something that really has become American History.