The New Road King Would Be Nice Under the Tree


It sure would be nice to have a new Road King under the tree this year, but unless Santa is being more than generous, I don’t think that will happen on Christmas Day.

Jim and I test drove the new 2014 Road King and it really is something with fantastic features that would do us well in our next, “Travels with Harley.” It really is more affordable than you think starting at just $18,249. At that price, Jim and I could afford to add a few extras for the long haul. After test-driving the new Road King, it kind of reminds me of that old Jimmy Dean classic as it is perfectly understandable why Harley Davidson calls it the, “King of the Road.”

download (8)

Of course, if we really wanted to splurge, we would probably go for the new Harley Davidson CVO Road King. It truly has the classic style, heavy custom details, and long haul comfort that we have grown accustomed to on the Road King we ride now.

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Harley Davidson has been producing the CVO Road King, which translates to Custom Vehicle Operation, since 1999. If Jim and I do decide on the CVO Road King starting at $29,499 I’m not sure what color we would go with. I like the green that is on the Harley Davidson website, but I’m pretty partial to red as well. What I really like about the CVO is that it offers an entirely new level of customization. Unlike the standard Road King, it also features accessories that are not available anywhere else. We can even add the new 6.5” full color display, which features a touch screen.



Honestly, I don’t know what Santa or Jim is putting under the tree this year, but it would sure be nice to have a brand new 2014 Road King for Christmas.