Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores Celebration Orlando FL Road Trip Part 1


Like most of our, “Travels with Harley,” road trips Jim and I were back and forth about going to our Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores Celebration in Orlando, FL this year.

Although we had earned $900 in credit from various awards and contests, sometimes it’s hard to schedule additional time away from the store. However, just like our, “Travels with Harley,” 110th anniversary ride to Milwaukee, WI, I had tentatively booked our stay.


After many nights of discussion after work, we decided to make the trip, and instead of flying to Florida, we decided to drive. That way we could take advantage of the scenery and choose where we would take our, “Travels with Harley,” road trips once the weather is in our favor.


We left just after noon and, although it may sound crazy, decided to try to make it to North Carolina. We ended up in Asheville, NC at about 11pm. Just past Nashville, Jim and I got hungry, so I decided, like I usually do, to go online and do a restaurant search. If you follow my blog, you know that I tend to trust online reviews.


I see a Hot Dog place in Mount Juliet, TN that has 58 reviews and 4 1/2 stars which seems pretty impressive. One reviewer said they travel 27 miles just to enjoy the food, which was enough to convince Jim and I and the prices are downright cheap. Needless to say, the food was incredible. The menu was amazing, and it was really hard to choose, but I finally decide on the special of the day – mac and cheese & bacon on top of a dog, good old-fashioned comfort food, and Jim had a chilidog after sampling the chili. I also had my first fried Twinkie, an experience no one should miss. If you ever try Corie’s and you have a big appetite, you will have to attempt the, “Wall of Weiners.”


Before we left we had made plans to meet up with a couple of friends in Nashville and that morning they introduced us to Biscuitheads. You go to the counter to order your breakfast and the sign you are given to signify your order number has a cat picture on it. Again, if you follow our blog, I always refer to it as mine, but its Jims as well; you will know that we refer to our cats as, “Kids.”


Jim has called certain biscuits, “Catheads,” for as long as I can remember and this is how Biscuitheads described some of their tasty treats. We enjoyed our morning cup of Joe out of an eclectic assortment of pretty cool second hand store coffee cups and awaited the arrival of our breakfast, which was pretty much every bit as good as you’d expect.

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I wish I could share more, but because of our trip to Florida, I’m working extra hours at the store. I’ll have to get back to you next week to let you know what we had at Biscuitheads and what we did for the rest of our trip to our Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores Celebration in Orlando, FL .