Things You May Not Know about Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day has always been special for Jim and I, and because of the storms that we have been having I decided to do some checking to see if I could find out any fun facts about the most romantic day of the year. During my research, I found quite a few things that I’ll bet you didn’t know about Valentine’s Day that I thought I would share.


Teachers are at the top of the list when it comes to receiving Valentine’s followed by kids, moms, and wives. Interestingly enough, about 3 percent of pet owners give their animals Valentine’s Day gifts as well.

During medieval times, girls were told that by eating certain foods, they would dream of their future husband. Others were told that the first man whom they saw on February 14 was the one who would be their future husband. This of course only applied to single women.

The first bird that was spotted by a man or woman on Valentine’s Day was also believed to be an indicator.

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Bluebird-Happy Man
Goldfinch-Rich Man
Dove-Good Man
Crossbill-Argumentative Man

Unfortunately, if a woodpecker was spotted first, it indicated no marriage at all, ever.

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Over 37 million boxes of chocolate are sold every Valentine’s Day with men spending an average of $140.00 on cards, candy, flowers, jewelry, and dates. Believe it or not, more than 8 billion candy hearts are produced each year with a billion Valentine’s Cards being exchanged every year, and that is just in the United States.

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Roses are usually red, but more than 50 million are bought and given for Valentine’s Day. It’s the women who will buy 85 percent of the Valentine’s Cards and men who buy 75 percent of the flowers. Richard Cadbury, yes of Cadbury chocolate fame, invented the very first heart shaped box of chocolate candy back in the 1890’s.



I’m not really sure what we’ve got planned this year, but if the other years are any indicator I know it will be special. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!