Riding with the Harley Owners Group

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After all of the research that I have been doing on road trips for Travels with Harley, I finally decided to register for a road trip this September! We are super excited to be going on a H.O.G. tour with a group doing the New England Trailblazer Tour. H.O.G. stands for the Harley Owners Group and its going to be an awesome trip.


If you follow my blog, you will know that Jim and I love to meet new people and that will certainly happen on the New England Trailblazer Tour. New England during the fall is supposed to be beautiful and although it probably won’t be like it is in October, I am sure that some of the leaves will have already begun to turn those fabulous shades of amber, gold, orange, rust, red, and yellow.


H.O.G celebrated thirty years of riding together as a group this past year and Jim and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to ride with other Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Of course, I have nothing against other brands of motorcycles, but am quite partial to Harley Davidson and the Harley Owners Group is only for people who own a Harley. When we signed up, we actually had to supply our VIN number to become members.


The New England Trail Blazer Tour covers 1,400 miles on the back of our Road King and takes place in the North East of our beautiful country, which of course is New England. Jim and I, along with other Harley Davidson riders, will ride through Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont from September 7 to September 12.


New England has always been on our Harley Davidson bucket list and we can’t wait to ride with other members of the Harley Owners Group. I’ve already started a list of things that I want to bring home with me including some maple syrup from Vermont.


I’m sure the food will be fantastic. I am a big fan of the show, “Diners, Drive-Inn’s and Dives,” and love the segments featuring lobster rolls in Maine. I’m sure that I will be sampling quite a few in September!


In the meantime, I am off to Aberdeen, South Dakota for a week as we are adding a new franchise line, Kitchen Tune Up, to our store. Talk to you next week, oh, and don’t forget to sign up and register for updates on our Travels with Harley blog. You can register at the bottom of our home page.

Harley Davidson Road Trips That You Will Not Want to Miss


It’s official! Spring has sprung, but we are still experiencing some really weird weather out here in Missouri, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t live vicariously through some of the Harley Davidson road trips that I have been reading about.


Life is a journey and that’s what Jim and I intend to accomplish on our Travels with Harley. There is nothing better than getting on the back of our Road King, seeing the sights, enjoying the food and enjoying each other’s company. We always have such a great time when we ride the Road King and that is what we plan on doing once Mother Nature has decided to cooperate. We have met so many great friends whose friendships we will treasure forever.


The other night I was surfing the web and found some great road trips that are some of the best in the US. According to the Lonely Planet, 10 Harley Davidson road trips top the list. If Jim and I are able to enjoy at least five or six of these rides we will consider ourselves fortunate.


We have traveled part of the Pacific Coast Highway in California, but would love to get out on the Road King and do the entire trip. The 1700-mile trip that goes from Astoria, Oregon to San Juan Capistrano, California has been said to be one of the best Harley Davidson road trips on the planet. With its redwood forests, cliffs, beaches and sleepy Oceanside towns, not to mention the world-class dining, which you know I’m all about, and the bed and breakfast stops that we will not want to miss, Jim and I can’t wait to enjoy this ride.


Another stop on the 10 best Harley Davidson road trips is a 770-mile ride from Front Royal Virginia, to Deal’s Gap in North Carolina. There are some incredible rides including the Dragon that we can’t wait to enjoy.



If I have whet your appetite be sure and read next week’s blog when I will be talking about the eight remaining Harley Davidson road trips that are on our bucket list.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Travels with Harley


It’s St. Patrick’s Day and there is nothing I would like more than to take a ride on the Road King. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not cooperating, so Jim and I will just have to wait until spring has actually sprung, in the meantime I’ve been doing some additional research about places that I would like to go for our next Travels with Harley.


Jim and I have been to Hawaii before and if you follow my blog would know that we rented a Harley and had a wonderful ride, but if I were to make a bucket list, Australia would definitely be somewhere that I would like to visit. However, I am afraid that will have to wait, so in the meantime I will just concentrate on some of the places in the states that we might be able to travel to in the near future.


New Mexico is beautiful and has some incredible road trips including the ride through Southern Colorado and New Mexico. The motorcycle roads are uncrowded and spectacular with winding mountain roads and mountain passes featuring incredible southwest desert landscapes and Native American lands. Of course, I love to eat, and I’m sure that New Mexico and Southern Colorado will not disappoint. Apparently, one of the highlights of this Travels with Harley would trace the, “Trail of the Ancients.” The trip will take us through Utah on to New Mexico and is supposed to be fantastic.


Of course, Route 66 is another trip that Jim and I would love to take from the east to the west coast. We had been thinking about a guided motorcycle tour, as we love to meet new people. The 2400-mile trip will take us from California to Chicago and has some incredible eateries, hotels, and bed and breakfast Inns along the way. Known as, “Heaven,” when it comes to motorcycle road trips this is one that we plan on taking in the next year or two.

Itching to Take the Road King for a Spin


Thankfully, the weather is beginning to warm up. Yesterday we reached nearly 54 degrees, and although it was cloudy it sure was a nice change compared to temperatures in the high teens and low twenties, and that was during the day! It’s still crazy weather though. The 10 day forecast calls for 74 degrees and partly cloudy on Tuesday with snow showers on Wednesday. Unfortunately with the unpredictable weather, Jim and I have yet to plan a trip on the Road King, but I’m still doing my research and have come up with a few places that I would love to film for Travels with Harley.


Iowa lies to the north and has some great places to explore with some cute little Bed and Breakfast places that I would love to check out. Known as the land that lies between two rivers, Iowa sits between the Mississippi river on the East and the Missouri River on the west. The motorcycle roads are filled with winding curves, which is something that Jim really enjoys. The center of Iowa is filled with farming communities and sweeping prairies that would be the perfect spot to have a picnic.


The George Washington Highway in West Virginia is made for our Road King. With its twists, turns and beautiful scenery, it really is a great ride. Head north on the highway and you will be met with the beauty of the Monogahela National Forest. The Cathedral State Park is a nice midway point where you can stop and stretch your legs. Best of all, after you’ve completed the ride two of the East Coasts most famous and best rides, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Skyline Drive are waiting for you.


When Jim and I take our cross-country ride on our Road King, I really want to check out the San Juan Mountain Skyway in Colorado. Known as the, “Switzerland of America,” it features amazing red rock canyons, hot springs, and 14,000-foot high mountain peaks. Because it is a loop, you can start anywhere you want in either direction.


I hope that Jim and I will be able to take our Road King out on the road soon so I can share our next Travels with Harley adventure, but until then I will just have to live vicariously through the internet.

Dream Rides on the Road King


So I got to thinking more about what dream rides I would like to go on. Considering the weather that’s all we can do these days. I asked Jim his top five dream rides and he replied with wanting to go in the order that each state joined the union…needless to say I don’t think that’s a possibility, but you never know. That would be a good trip for our, “Travels with Harley,” series.


Checking out the battlefields from the Civil War is on our list and so is Custer’s last stand. I like mixing things up so a ride out to some of the forgotten battlefields like Yorktown and the Argonne Forest in Atlanta, Georgia would be fun too. There are some nice little B & B’s like the Hornsby House on the York River in Yorktown, VA. The York River Inn sounds nice too,


but I’m pretty partial to the Colonial Gardens Bed & Breakfast in Williamsburg. I would also like to check out Twin Peaks Restaurant. Even though it is touted as the Ultimate Man cave, the food sounds awesome, venison chili anyone, and I want to see what all of the fuss is about. I saw it featured on one of those mystery diner TV shows on the Food Channel.


Going coast to coast would be cool too. The weather is so unpredictable these days that planning that kind of trip would be tricky. It would be nice to start in California around July or August. I would love to camp under the stars in Arizona before heading to Texas. It is hot that time of year, September especially. We could also cut straight across Nevada through Utah to Colorado.


It would be fun to stay in Kansas for a couple of days and see the Kansas Motorcycle Museum. Of course, we live in Missouri, but there are some places that we haven’t seen yet. I would like to finish the ride when the leaves change color back east in the fall. The Kyle Petty Charity Ride is a real cross-country ride but Jim and I just can’t get away for the 20th annual charity ride in May. Maybe next year.


It would be fun to take a trip to Maine. The colors are phenomenal in September and October, and the food, well that is what I’m really looking forward to. If you follow my blog, you know how much I love to eat so lots of lobster rolls will definitely be on the menu for that trip.


We would really like to ride to South Dakota as well. I have always wanted to take our Road King out on the open road to see Crazy Horse, and of course Mount Rushmore.



It is hard to decide where to go first, but I’m kind of beginning to like Jim’s idea, however, by the time next week rolls around I will have found more places that we want to explore on Travels with Harley…