Dream Rides on the Road King


So I got to thinking more about what dream rides I would like to go on. Considering the weather that’s all we can do these days. I asked Jim his top five dream rides and he replied with wanting to go in the order that each state joined the union…needless to say I don’t think that’s a possibility, but you never know. That would be a good trip for our, “Travels with Harley,” series.


Checking out the battlefields from the Civil War is on our list and so is Custer’s last stand. I like mixing things up so a ride out to some of the forgotten battlefields like Yorktown and the Argonne Forest in Atlanta, Georgia would be fun too. There are some nice little B & B’s like the Hornsby House on the York River in Yorktown, VA. The York River Inn sounds nice too,


but I’m pretty partial to the Colonial Gardens Bed & Breakfast in Williamsburg. I would also like to check out Twin Peaks Restaurant. Even though it is touted as the Ultimate Man cave, the food sounds awesome, venison chili anyone, and I want to see what all of the fuss is about. I saw it featured on one of those mystery diner TV shows on the Food Channel.


Going coast to coast would be cool too. The weather is so unpredictable these days that planning that kind of trip would be tricky. It would be nice to start in California around July or August. I would love to camp under the stars in Arizona before heading to Texas. It is hot that time of year, September especially. We could also cut straight across Nevada through Utah to Colorado.


It would be fun to stay in Kansas for a couple of days and see the Kansas Motorcycle Museum. Of course, we live in Missouri, but there are some places that we haven’t seen yet. I would like to finish the ride when the leaves change color back east in the fall. The Kyle Petty Charity Ride is a real cross-country ride but Jim and I just can’t get away for the 20th annual charity ride in May. Maybe next year.


It would be fun to take a trip to Maine. The colors are phenomenal in September and October, and the food, well that is what I’m really looking forward to. If you follow my blog, you know how much I love to eat so lots of lobster rolls will definitely be on the menu for that trip.


We would really like to ride to South Dakota as well. I have always wanted to take our Road King out on the open road to see Crazy Horse, and of course Mount Rushmore.



It is hard to decide where to go first, but I’m kind of beginning to like Jim’s idea, however, by the time next week rolls around I will have found more places that we want to explore on Travels with Harley…