Itching to Take the Road King for a Spin


Thankfully, the weather is beginning to warm up. Yesterday we reached nearly 54 degrees, and although it was cloudy it sure was a nice change compared to temperatures in the high teens and low twenties, and that was during the day! It’s still crazy weather though. The 10 day forecast calls for 74 degrees and partly cloudy on Tuesday with snow showers on Wednesday. Unfortunately with the unpredictable weather, Jim and I have yet to plan a trip on the Road King, but I’m still doing my research and have come up with a few places that I would love to film for Travels with Harley.


Iowa lies to the north and has some great places to explore with some cute little Bed and Breakfast places that I would love to check out. Known as the land that lies between two rivers, Iowa sits between the Mississippi river on the East and the Missouri River on the west. The motorcycle roads are filled with winding curves, which is something that Jim really enjoys. The center of Iowa is filled with farming communities and sweeping prairies that would be the perfect spot to have a picnic.


The George Washington Highway in West Virginia is made for our Road King. With its twists, turns and beautiful scenery, it really is a great ride. Head north on the highway and you will be met with the beauty of the Monogahela National Forest. The Cathedral State Park is a nice midway point where you can stop and stretch your legs. Best of all, after you’ve completed the ride two of the East Coasts most famous and best rides, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Skyline Drive are waiting for you.


When Jim and I take our cross-country ride on our Road King, I really want to check out the San Juan Mountain Skyway in Colorado. Known as the, “Switzerland of America,” it features amazing red rock canyons, hot springs, and 14,000-foot high mountain peaks. Because it is a loop, you can start anywhere you want in either direction.


I hope that Jim and I will be able to take our Road King out on the road soon so I can share our next Travels with Harley adventure, but until then I will just have to live vicariously through the internet.