Harley Davidson Road Trips That You Will Not Want to Miss


It’s official! Spring has sprung, but we are still experiencing some really weird weather out here in Missouri, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t live vicariously through some of the Harley Davidson road trips that I have been reading about.


Life is a journey and that’s what Jim and I intend to accomplish on our Travels with Harley. There is nothing better than getting on the back of our Road King, seeing the sights, enjoying the food and enjoying each other’s company. We always have such a great time when we ride the Road King and that is what we plan on doing once Mother Nature has decided to cooperate. We have met so many great friends whose friendships we will treasure forever.


The other night I was surfing the web and found some great road trips that are some of the best in the US. According to the Lonely Planet, 10 Harley Davidson road trips top the list. If Jim and I are able to enjoy at least five or six of these rides we will consider ourselves fortunate.


We have traveled part of the Pacific Coast Highway in California, but would love to get out on the Road King and do the entire trip. The 1700-mile trip that goes from Astoria, Oregon to San Juan Capistrano, California has been said to be one of the best Harley Davidson road trips on the planet. With its redwood forests, cliffs, beaches and sleepy Oceanside towns, not to mention the world-class dining, which you know I’m all about, and the bed and breakfast stops that we will not want to miss, Jim and I can’t wait to enjoy this ride.


Another stop on the 10 best Harley Davidson road trips is a 770-mile ride from Front Royal Virginia, to Deal’s Gap in North Carolina. There are some incredible rides including the Dragon that we can’t wait to enjoy.



If I have whet your appetite be sure and read next week’s blog when I will be talking about the eight remaining Harley Davidson road trips that are on our bucket list.