Riding with the Harley Owners Group

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After all of the research that I have been doing on road trips for Travels with Harley, I finally decided to register for a road trip this September! We are super excited to be going on a H.O.G. tour with a group doing the New England Trailblazer Tour. H.O.G. stands for the Harley Owners Group and its going to be an awesome trip.


If you follow my blog, you will know that Jim and I love to meet new people and that will certainly happen on the New England Trailblazer Tour. New England during the fall is supposed to be beautiful and although it probably won’t be like it is in October, I am sure that some of the leaves will have already begun to turn those fabulous shades of amber, gold, orange, rust, red, and yellow.


H.O.G celebrated thirty years of riding together as a group this past year and Jim and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to ride with other Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Of course, I have nothing against other brands of motorcycles, but am quite partial to Harley Davidson and the Harley Owners Group is only for people who own a Harley. When we signed up, we actually had to supply our VIN number to become members.


The New England Trail Blazer Tour covers 1,400 miles on the back of our Road King and takes place in the North East of our beautiful country, which of course is New England. Jim and I, along with other Harley Davidson riders, will ride through Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont from September 7 to September 12.


New England has always been on our Harley Davidson bucket list and we can’t wait to ride with other members of the Harley Owners Group. I’ve already started a list of things that I want to bring home with me including some maple syrup from Vermont.


I’m sure the food will be fantastic. I am a big fan of the show, “Diners, Drive-Inn’s and Dives,” and love the segments featuring lobster rolls in Maine. I’m sure that I will be sampling quite a few in September!


In the meantime, I am off to Aberdeen, South Dakota for a week as we are adding a new franchise line, Kitchen Tune Up, to our store. Talk to you next week, oh, and don’t forget to sign up and register for updates on our Travels with Harley blog. You can register at the bottom of our home page.