The New Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle


Jim and I both saw this coming, but when Harley Davidson unveiled its new high-powered electric motorcycle, we were certainly intrigued. Although it won’t be released for at least 24 months, Harley Davidson is testing a model that is powered by a battery hoping to attract a younger crowd and those who are especially concerned about the environment.



I read a couple of articles over the weekend about the new battery powered Harley Davidson, called the LiveWire. According to the COO and president, Matt Levatich, the new Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle won’t be for sale for about two years, but there are some prototypes on the road that can go about 100 miles without having to be recharged. The batteries are powered by lithium-ion and can go from zero to sixty in about four seconds.


According to the Harley Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, a few selected consumers will get the chance to jump on the Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle prototype next week to see how it handles the road. I’ve got to say, I think that would be a blast!

Harley Davidson is not the first company to roll out an electric powered motorcycle. Mission, Brammo Inc, and Zero Motorcycles Inc are selling motorcycles powered by batteries, with BMW getting into the mix with a scooter that is powered by a battery.

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Unlike the usual rumble of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle that we all know and love, the Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle sounds a bit like an engine on a jet, albeit a bit quieter.

Unlike the car companies, Harley Davidson did not launch the Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle because of environmental regulations. Instead, it was launched because of the technology that is currently available.


Although it is a pretty big departure for Harley Davidson, I think that it will help boost their reputation with a younger crowd that is conscious of the environment. Harley Davidson is also going to create a simulator for the new electric motorcycle for those who have never ridden a bike before.

Although the company has not released a price point for the new Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle, I hope it will be more affordable than the electric cars on the market.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Riding Tips


Jim and I both know that once you venture out on two wheels, it’s hard to get back on the road in a car, truck, or SUV. Riding a Harley Davidson Motorcycle is thrilling to say the least, but there are some things that all riders should know, when it comes to Harley Davidson Road Trips.


Always wear a helmet, even if you are just riding down the street. Not all states require you to wear a helmet when you are riding a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, but if you value your cranium, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Wearing gloves is almost as important as a helmet when you are riding a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. If the bike drops or falls, the first thing you do is instinctively put your hand down to break your fall. Yes, it’s a reflex action, which is exactly the reason you need to wear gloves.

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If you have been following our blog, you will remember that I had to have my boots repaired when we attended the 110th Anniversary for Harley Davidson. Luckily, Jim and I found a cobbler, but had we not; I would have had to buy a new pair. Wearing boots with good soles is imperative, especially if you tip over your Harley Davidson Motorcycle. If your foot slips under the bike, you are going to want some solid support.


I do like to look good when I ride, but wearing a good fitting pair of pants and a jacket is another essential when it comes to a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Proper riding leathers will give you protection from the elements and protection from the asphalt should a fall occur.


I am always the passenger on the Road King, but Jim has always told me not to apply the front brake first. If a truck or car decides to change lanes right in front of your Harley Davidson Motorcycle train yourself to hit your foot brake before your hand brake.


It may seem like a natural reaction, but it is important that you slow in, lean down, and power out. Keep everything inline and brake before you hit a curve. Grabbing your brakes too quickly when you hit a turn could upset the weight distribution, especially if you are riding with a partner on the back.


A Harley Davidson Motorcycle does not have as much traction as a four wheeled vehicle. Jim is always on the lookout for debris and sand. Because we like to ride in groups, we keep an eye out for each other and point out hazards. If you do hit debris or sand, keep it smooth and slow, just as you would if you were riding on an icy road. Jim keeps our Road King as upright as he can to avoid losing traction if sand or debris is on the road.

Great Websites To Use on a Harley Davidson Road Trip


As Jim and I prepare for our Travels with Harley Road Trip next month, I’m reminded about all of the things we need to do before we actually head out on the Roadking. I like to keep a list and do my due diligence the weeks prior to jumping on the bike. That includes reading the reviews for restaurants, diners and dives as well as the hotels we are booking and other things that we may see along the way. Harley Davidson actually has a Harley Davidson Road Planner on its website that you can use to plan your trip. It’s kind of cool, but I don’t stop there.


While I was doing some research, I found a website that lists the best websites to use when you are planning a Harley Davidson Road Trip. The site is called Trip It and it lists the top sites to use if you are planning a motorcycle trip. You can even plan an online itinerary on the site and share it with the rest of the riders in your group.

DCIM100GOPRO is probably the best site for finding roads that others have traveled. There are free guides and maps offering up the most scenic Harley Davidson Road Trips and routes in the United States. I really like it because it also gives you the out of the way places that you wouldn’t normally discover unless you were a motorcycle rider. does the same things as the site above, but is really the leader when it comes to high class guided Harley Davidson motorcycle Road Trips both in the US and overseas.

harley-davidson-king-of-the-road-logo is a very cool site that lists attractions, roads, tours, maps, weather, and clubs, bars, accommodations, and transport information. This site also has a kid’s page that lists events for the younger ones.

WashAreaMap is the most comprehensive Harley Davidson Pocket maps website that is designed specifically for those of us who choose to ride on two wheels. It’s handy and very easy to use. Best of all, there are dozens of excellent Harley Davidson Road Trip rides on every single map.


There are plenty of other sites that list the best routes for Harley Davidson Road Trips including, and that offers Harley Davidson riders info on the best long distance cruising all over the planet.

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Back when Jim used to ride solo, you had to map out your trip the old-fashioned way, but not anymore. Thanks to the World Wide Web, it is easy to plan your trip before you head out, and for that I am truly thankful. I would hate to get lost on a Harley Davidson Road Trip.

There is nothing better than a Harley Davidson Road Trip


Last week I shared some of the trials and tribulations about planning a Harley Davidson road trip. Below are the rest of the emails that we received regarding our trip.

This one came from Mike:


Thank you, Jon.


Now that you have chosen a date there is one less thing for me to do. Your offer is so good that my wife even wants to ride along on the back of the bike. Her other motive is that she wants to see her niece who lives in Boulder and attends college there.

We are looking forward to a good ride in the high country.



When we first arrived for the opening evening of the Wild West Ride in San Bernardino, as usual there was a dinner. We selected a table and joined a couple and a single man who were there. The man was Jon and he and Jim decided to ride together the next day. The couple, Lisa & Larry from Georgia, have become friends who we continue to see on the rides each year and enjoy visiting with them.

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The next morning, Jon had another rider with him, Dennis that he had met and asked to join us. As we were riding out of town, Mike pulled up behind us at a stoplight and joined in forming what Jim and I both believe will be a lifelong friendship.

We rode with Jon, Mike, and Dennis for the first 3 days. On the last two, we had been asked to join another group, Steve, Jody & Matt.


In 2013, Mike planned a ride to do a good portion of Route 66. Jon joined him for most of the ride and they made plans to stop for a visit with us here. They stayed overnight at our home and we all had a great visit.

For the Hellbender Tour in Arkansas in 2013, Mike and Jon did not join the ride, although Larry & Lisa from Georgia did. We also rode with Matt & Steve. Jim and I had such a great time that we all agreed to make sure we would join up again for the 2014 ride.


So, now we have two rides planned. Both the New England Trailblazer in September and the Colorado ride for July. We really would have liked to travel to Idaho, but it is hard to justify that much time away from our business. Both Jim and I are looking forward to the day when we can retire and spend all of our time on the road for, “Travels with Harley.”