Jims New Table Saw


Jim has wanted a Delta/Rockwell Unisaw for a quite some time, but because they aren’t cheap and cost around $3000, it isn’t something that he or I have taken lightly.


Both of us have been watching eBay for unbeatable deals on table saws and I happened to see one in Utica, Michigan with a Buy it Now price of $775. I certainly thought it was too good to be true, but thought I would mention it to Jim anyway.

$_57-2It had the sliding fence attachment that you can’t get anymore, mobile base, Biesemyer fence and looked to be in pretty decent shape, considering it was probably a 1977 model. I showed it to Jim and he liked it, so we thought we would go ahead and buy it. If you shop on eBay, you know that Buy it Now means Buy it Now, and that is what we did without seeing the saw beforehand.


We had to drive up to Utica to pick up his table saw, which considering that the two of us traveled to Toronto, Canada on New Year’s Eve to pick up an Inca Bandsaw, aren’t afraid to drive a few hours for a tool that Jim wants and needs. When I say needs, I understand that EVERY man needs tools. Not to mention that the majority of the woodworking tools that

Image 2

Jim uses for his carved wooden spoons are not built anymore. The quality is difficult to find these days without having to spend more than we can afford. For a good woodworking tool these days, you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars.


Because we couldn’t pick up the saw on the Harley Davidson Road King, we had to take the truck. Of course, that means research on the internet checking out food stops. It seems like I’m always reading reviews on eateries before I check out hotels. If you follow our blog, you know that I always read the reviews before we eat anywhere.


Anyway, I found this great deli in Ann Arbor. Zingermans is a well know deli that we hadn’t tried before. Needless to say, we were both impressed. The roast beef was incredible & I had a #00, the Cuban, and it was all I expected and more. We ordered some pecan blondies and were both happy campers. We also picked up some sourdough bread and Vermont sharp cheddar cheese. Jim and I decided that the next time we visit Zingerman’s; we are going to get some bread, deli meats, and yummy cheeses so we can stop for a picnic.


We left Washington around 7pm on Friday night, drove to Indianapolis, and spent the night at a Staybridge Suites. Although it is hard to find a room at midnight, we lucked out as we usually do. We got up in the next morning and left at 7am to get to Utica, which is actually Shelby Township, and picked up the saw. One of my biggest worries was loading it into the pickup, but we conquered that hurdle with flying colors. As a side note when we picked up the table saw, Jim indicated that it was not a Delta at all, but a Rockwell Unisaw. Neither one of us is sure how the two companies went back and forth, but this great table saw that we found on eBay definitely fits the bill.


Because we enjoyed Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, so much we decided to stop again on our way home around 2:30pm. Although we had promised ourselves a loaf of bread, meat, and cheese, we wanted to get home so ordered from the menu.

IMG_3474 copy

With full bellies, we made it home to Washington shortly after 11pm. We were certainly both tired but satisfied, and extremely happy to be back in our own bed.

Travels with Harley Ride to Defiance Missouri


I was at the store in Washington when one of our guys, Danny, asked if I wanted to go on a ride late yesterday afternoon. We close early on Sunday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity, as Jim was in the basement working on his new table saw that we drove out to Utica, MI to pick up.


That is another story in itself, so I will tell you about that next week in another Travels with Harley. Anyway, Danny’s suggestion seemed like as good a reason as any to get him out in the air. It really was a beautiful day and it sounded like a great idea to me as well.

IMG_2061When we arrived at 4:30, there was Danny on his sport bike, 2009 Yamaha r6s. His new wheels that he had just had put on looked great. Mike, another Sears team member, met up for the ride as well riding his Honda with his female friend along with another friend of hers who looked awesome on her 2001 Sportster. There were four bikes along with another staff member Alex, who followed in his car.


Defiance is a little Roadhouse that serves out of this world wings and other tasty menu items. They have live music on the weekends as well. This bar and grill is in Missouri and is located on the 94, also known as the infamous Lewis and Clark trail.


The section of 94 between Weldon Spring and Dutzow is a very popular ride for motorcycles. Jim and I have It has some nice curves and hills and Defiance is at about halfway.


The Katy Trail also runs along this same route and is one of the top 10 destinations for cyclists in the country with Defiance being a favorite stop for a bite and a chance for everyone to stretch their legs and fuel up for the pedal home.


It only takes about 20 minutes to get to Defiance. I like it as it’s relaxing and I get a chance to take some pictures and do some chatting on FB as I’ve done the ride quite a few times now.


Defiance has a great menu. We had the wings, which we almost always have, but if you follow my blog, you know how much I like to eat and although I’m usually tempted to try something else, once again, I stuck with what I know. We had a couple of beers and some ice tea, we don’t drink and drive, and enjoyed our meal.


Some of the menu items that I would like to try include the Toasted Ravioli, which according to the menu is a St. Louis favorite, and the Reuben Sandwich. Other menu items that have caught both Jims eye and mine include the Cuban burger which is the Defiance classic burger topped with ham and cheese, a black bean puree and pickles and the homemade mustard, which I’ve had before.

Needless to say we had our fill of chicken wings and then some and headed back to Washington.



Next week I’ll talk about our trip to pick up the table saw. Oh, and I’m also getting ready to head out to California to catch up with some BFF’s from high school on August 1. I can’t wait!

New Pipes for Jim’s Road King and a new Computer Chip Too

frontwallrideEver since Jim bought the Road King he has wanted to change the pipes, and about a month ago, he finally got around to it. A friend of ours has a Harley Repair Shop with a Dyno.


For those of you who aren’t mechanically inclined, a Dyno, or Dynamometer, is, according to Wikipedia, a device that is used to measure the force and torque along with the power of your motor or engine, or any other prime mover. A Water Wheel or Steam Engine is a good example of a prime mover.


Jay, the mechanic is awesome at what he does and has a great little shop that is 30 miles off the main path in the quaint little town of Rosebud, MO. With a population of 409, according to the 2010 census, Jay’s shop is always busy, not to mention that most shops don’t have a Dyno machine. His piece of equipment is so popular that Jay is often asked to take it to local events. Businesses can advertise Jay’s Dyno machine enticing riders to have their bikes tested for a small fee.


Jay put on a Vance and Hines pro pipe on the Road King. They have a great sound and offer a more comfortable ride with not as much heat coming off. According to the website, Pro Pipe increases the torque, and I can attest to that. Equipped with 12mm o2 Sensor Ports the Pro Pipe is designed to address tuned motors that have been built for higher horsepower needs.


Jim also had a computer chip installed on the Road King that boosts the performance with the high flow air filter. The combination of pipes, chip and air filter let the engine breathe better, sort of like putting headers on a car. All put together, he is really loving his bike a lot more. He’s getting more horsepower, loves the sound and it is running perfect.


Jim and I went for a spur of the moment ride on Sunday with a retired military friend who we met a few years back. Bert brought along a few of his other retired military friends and we went for a nice ride. Although it was overcast, we still had a great time.


It was nice to get out for a ride. Unfortunately, Jim and I had to cancel our Colorado trip. Work is really busy at the moment, and we just can’t take the time away, but I’ll tell you more about that next week. It’s been a long week and I’m exhausted…

The Harley Davidson Road King has an Interesting History

0q93865r0q92365rAlthough Jim and I have a Harley Davidson Road King, I never knew much about its history, until I decided to do some research on my own.

Apparently, the Harley Davidson Road King replaced the Electra Glide Sport. Each Harley Davidson motorcycle has a letter model and a model name. This may be a tad confusing, but those model designation numbers can be a big help if you want to trace your models lineage.


The first Harley Davidson Road King was introduced in 1994 and featured a windshield without the fairing and hard saddlebags. One of the Road Kings features was a retro headlight that was large and looked much like the 1960’s Big Twins. The first Harley Davidson Road King was a 60 horsepower motor with a fuel-injected Harley Davidson Road King being released in 1996. In 1999, every Harley Davidson Road King was equipped with a Twin Cam engine.


A decade later, Harley Davidson added a custom Road King to its lineup that was very similar to the Harley Davidson’s Electra-Glide Sport. Along with beach bar handlebars, the Custom Harley Davidson Road King also featured a low seat height at just 28.3”. The Custom was made through 2007 although Harley Davidson came out with a Twin Cam engine that same year.


In 2008, the company came out with a Road King Classic. The limited edition came with hard covered saddlebags, whitewalls and laced wheels. The Harley Davidson Road King also got a facelift with a new frame. The fuel capacity of the Harley Davidson Road King was also increased to six gallons.


I had no idea that the Harley Davidson Road King is used by over 3,500 police departments in the United States. It is also interesting to note that Hollywood used the Harley Davidson Road King in several films including Mystic River, The Jackal, The Manchurian Candidate, Marley and Me, and The Cat in the Hat.

Fun Facts about the Fourth of July

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Jim and I are pretty excited about our Harley Davidson road trip this month, but because it’s the fourth of July on Friday I thought I would share some fun facts about Independence Day that I discovered while doing research for our Harley Davidson Road Trip.


Most of us have a barbecue or a picnic on the fourth of July, celebrate our patriotism, and watch fireworks once the sun goes down, but there are a few things that most Americans are probably unaware of.

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Jim and I both were quite surprised to learn that the United States Congress didn’t make Independence Day a legal holiday until nearly 100 years after the declaration was signed. However, that didn’t seem to bother some folks as those in Boston made it a legal holiday years before that.

aoisudgaisudg - Copy

Although the fourth of July may seem like a lucky day, that wasn’t the case with three of the first five presidents of the United States. Both the second and third presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson consecutively, passed away on the fourth of July, as did the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe. Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence. With that being said, only John Hancock signed the Declaration on July 4 1776, all of the others signed it later.


We all love our barbecues with July 4 being as popular as Memorial Day Weekend. In fact, over 75 million folks in the US plan to host their own or attend a barbecue. Every Fourth of July, Americans eat around 600 million pounds of chicken and around 155 million hot dogs. I’m sure some of those hot dogs will be consumed at Nathans Annual Hot Dog Competition. The world famous food comp is always held on the fourth of July in New York City.

apsoiuhfapsoidf - Copy

Apparently had Benjamin Franklin, another signer on the Declaration of Independence and America’s first millionaire had his way our national bird would have been a turkey instead of a bald eagle.


And I love this one, our National Anthems tune, The Star Spangled Banner, was originally used as an old English drinking song entitled, “To Anacreon in Heaven.”

Happy Fourth of July, and remember, whatever you do this coming three day weekend stay safe, enjoy and do your best to recall why we celebrate Independence Day in the first place.