Sidecar Mike Shares his Travels with Harley


I love sharing stories that fellow riders send to our Travels with Harley website. This one is very cool and was sent to us by Sidecar Mike.

Earlier this month I once again rode to the Black Hills for that big rally that Harley Davidson riders know all about.


The first two days of our journey were quite wet. We could have made good use of a couple of pairs of snorkel and fins while riding through eastern Idaho and western Wyoming, not to mention the Teton Mountain Range.


Our path took us through the middle of Wyoming, through the Rocky Mountains, over the Continental Divide, and through the Wind River Indian Reservation, home of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.

In a tiny town called Fort Washakie there is an Indian burial ground where one can visit the gravesite of Sacajawea, the female Indian guide hired by Lewis & Clark to guide the expedition to the west.


There was a nasty storm approaching from the south, and we could actually hear the loud booms of thunder, but couldn’t see any lightning. Being on motorcycles, we thought it would be wise not to spend too much time standing on a hill, out in the open with a thunder storm moving in our direction. We mounted up and started heading east again and managed to stay out of the storm’s way.


I was traveling with a long-time friend and his wife, Kevin and Edith, who live in Northern California. This was Edith’s first long trip on a motorcycle. Kevin has ridden motorcycles for most of his life, but only as a means of commuting to and from work. This was also Kevin’s first time on a long trip. Both Kevin and Edith came up with very creative ways to describe the discomfort to their respective butts due to the long hours in the saddle, in fact, I don’t think they used the same adjectives twice on the whole trip.


We had a very nice time at the rally, and I ran into several people that I knew from the many motorcycle events that I have attended over the years. Kevin was awed by the fact that almost everywhere we went I ran into an acquaintance from some other part of the country. That’s one of the great things about taking long trips, everyone remembers who you are!


It Really Does Rain in Dana Point


Last week I left you at the Harbor House Café in Dana Point where the girls and I decided to stop for a late night snack.

We arrived around 11:00 and had a great meal with decaf and iced tea all around. The meal was pretty good and by the time we left, the place was packed. Apparently, it has a great reputation as the late night haunt in Dana Point, and not being the party animals that we used to be, got a laugh out of the folks that were standing outside enjoying each other’s company.


The next morning we headed to the Brig Restaurant across from the Dana Point hotel for breakfast. The food was pretty good, but we skipped on the biscuits and gravy after having a taste of the gravy. Jim will tell you that I always ask for a sample as most restaurants and diners do not know how to make decent gravy, and this place was no exception. We all had a taste and unanimously decided that the addition of cornstarch as a thickener was not a good thing.


After breakfast, we decided to jump in the car, leave Dana Point, and head south on PCH. We had planned on going straight to the monthly street fair, but took a detour when one of the girls spotted a great little consignment store next to a huge thrift store. We spent over an hour scouring through one of a kind antiques and unique clothing items before loading up the trunk and heading to the fair.


Although the fair ends at 3:00, we were still lucky enough to catch a few stallholders even though it was 2:45. After purchasing jewelry and matching ankle bracelets as a memento of our girl’s weekend, we made one more stop at a really cool shop that makes furniture out of repurposed wood. All of us made mental notes before we headed back to the car.


A quick Yelp search for seafood in Dana Point, and San Clemente led us to Fisherman’s on the Pier in San Clemente. It was a Sunday, so of course, the place was packed, but we were able to find a great table with a view so we could watch the sunset. Needless to say, we were forced to park up the street before walking down to the pier.


After the sun began to set it started to rain, and when I say rain, I mean pour. I was enjoying the rain, but then remembered that we had left the top open on the Camaro. One of the other girls and I ran up to close the top and move the car, but not before we both got soaked as did the inside of the car.

We laughed all the way back to the hotel in Dana Point with me leaving the top open all night so that it could dry out.

Our girl’s weekend went off without a hitch and left all of us looking forward to our next planned event in Las Vegas next March.

More Stories from Dana Point

turks two

I know, I know, last week I left you hanging with regards to my girl’s weekend in Dana Point, California, but as promised, I will finish the story in this week’s blog, or maybe next week’s blog.


As I said, we were at Turk’s in Dana Point when one of the gals mentioned that she felt Turk’s presence as she was coming out of the ladies room. Mind you, this girl talks to dead people. Actually, it doesn’t surprise me one bit as there are tons of pictures of the body builder who starred in films in the corridor outside of the restrooms and apparently his daughter Candy often feels his presence as do most of the regulars.


Anyway, we all decided to split meals because we thought we would be eating something later, as it turns out that wasn’t until midnight that night, but that could be another blog all together depending on how much I go on in this one. With that being said, one of the girls decided that she wanted a signature drink.


As a former bartender, I started to throw out all sorts of suggestions including our first round of shots, Washington Apples. Our gal that talks to the dead and I pounded the first shot while the others looked on in amazement…hey, shots are supposed to be downed right? Anyway, L wasn’t too sure about that drink and decided to try, “Sex on the Beach,” which she continued to enjoy throughout the entire weekend. I guess she found her signature drink.


In between the Washington Apples and the Sex on The Beach, we tried a few other shots along with beers in-between…it’s a good thing we weren’t driving in Dana Point, or anywhere for that matter! We had a blast catching up and sharing stories about high school and a past that we will never forget.


After our meal, we walked back to the hotel in Dana Point, but not before doing some window-shopping and hell raising. Once back in our room we continued to yak until we decided we were hungry again. Luckily, one of the girls suggested a popular night time eatery known as the Harbor House Café in Dana Point, and after sobering up for a few hours we decided to head out after we had taken L home.

The Harbor House Café in Dana Point was filled with memorabilia and quite a few folks, but as it is getting late, I will have to share those details with you next week.

Once Upon a Time without the Harley Davidson

Senior Class

Once upon a time, five girls went to the same high school together…yeah, I was thinking about starting my blog that way, but changed my mind!

This past Friday I flew into LAX, without the Harley Davidson, to meet with some of my BFF’s from High School. I had to deal with quite a few stops along the way, but it was well worth it.


I rented a convertible Mercedes, no, not a Harley Davidson, but had to take it back when it started to rain. Rain in California in August? Apparently so…I had a sneaking suspicion that I brought the rain with me. Unfortunately, I could get the top down, but not back up. The only replacement I could get was a convertible Camaro, which was nice, but much smaller, as we would all realized once we all tried to fit for a drive down the coast.


One of the gals that was meeting us flew in from Reno while the other three drove. I rented a hotel, The Dana Point Marina Inn, that one of the girls recommended in Dana Point and it was pretty nice. I got two rooms for all of us. Unfortunately, they weren’t connected, but we could wave to each other across the corridor. I was a bit disappointed about that, but the location, which was on the water, was perfect and close to everything.


Friday all we did was talk. One of the other girls wasn’t going to be arriving until Saturday, so we just talked and ate and talked some more. After a late night, we went to sleep, woke up the next morning, and had breakfast.


We couldn’t wait to get out and do something, so we went consignment shopping. There are heaps of consignment shops in the area and we all scored with dresses and purses. Most people would spend the day lazing in the sun, but not us. We would rather shop, talk, and eat, and besides, it was overcast and raining off and on all day.


By the time our last BFF arrived, we were starving so we decided to head to Turks. Turks is a great bar restaurant that is right on the water, and quite famous as I understand. Apparently, Turk Varteresian owned the restaurant. He was a strongman movie extra and a title-holding body-builder who previously owned four bars including Turks within the last 50 years.


The bar/restaurant walls are covered with movie memorabilia including pictures of the great Turk himself. Turk passed away a few years ago and his daughter Candy is now running this great establishment that serves great food and strong drinks. One of the girls said that it was haunted and that she had proof…Apparently she had more proof that day when she was leaving the restroom…


With that being said, I’m going to have to continue this next week. I took four days off and need to catch up, but I want to share the rest of my adventure and let you all know what Jim was up to while I was gone, and no, it didn’t include a ride on the Harley Davidson…I even have pictures…