More Stories from Dana Point

turks two

I know, I know, last week I left you hanging with regards to my girl’s weekend in Dana Point, California, but as promised, I will finish the story in this week’s blog, or maybe next week’s blog.


As I said, we were at Turk’s in Dana Point when one of the gals mentioned that she felt Turk’s presence as she was coming out of the ladies room. Mind you, this girl talks to dead people. Actually, it doesn’t surprise me one bit as there are tons of pictures of the body builder who starred in films in the corridor outside of the restrooms and apparently his daughter Candy often feels his presence as do most of the regulars.


Anyway, we all decided to split meals because we thought we would be eating something later, as it turns out that wasn’t until midnight that night, but that could be another blog all together depending on how much I go on in this one. With that being said, one of the girls decided that she wanted a signature drink.


As a former bartender, I started to throw out all sorts of suggestions including our first round of shots, Washington Apples. Our gal that talks to the dead and I pounded the first shot while the others looked on in amazement…hey, shots are supposed to be downed right? Anyway, L wasn’t too sure about that drink and decided to try, “Sex on the Beach,” which she continued to enjoy throughout the entire weekend. I guess she found her signature drink.


In between the Washington Apples and the Sex on The Beach, we tried a few other shots along with beers in-between…it’s a good thing we weren’t driving in Dana Point, or anywhere for that matter! We had a blast catching up and sharing stories about high school and a past that we will never forget.


After our meal, we walked back to the hotel in Dana Point, but not before doing some window-shopping and hell raising. Once back in our room we continued to yak until we decided we were hungry again. Luckily, one of the girls suggested a popular night time eatery known as the Harbor House Café in Dana Point, and after sobering up for a few hours we decided to head out after we had taken L home.

The Harbor House Café in Dana Point was filled with memorabilia and quite a few folks, but as it is getting late, I will have to share those details with you next week.