Travels with Harley Hits the Road Again


Sometimes even the best-laid plans don’t always work out, and that is exactly what happened before our latest Travels with Harley.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 3.12.43 PM

Jim and I had been planning our September New England Trailblazer Tour for quite some time, and although we were supposed to leave on Friday morning, didn’t hit the road until 5:00 PM because I had to train a new storeowner for the Farmington store. Needless to say, we only made it to Effingham, Illinois because of the huge storms that were rolling in.


We got up early Saturday morning, but it was gloomy and drizzly all day. So much so that we had to keep stopping to add layers because it was so darn cold. Unfortunately, we only made it to Erie, PA that night and needed to be in Brattleboro, VT by 4:00 PM on Sunday. I was a bit worried, especially since the forecast wasn’t in our favor, for riding anyway.


It seemed like it took us forever to get through New York on Sunday. We were only able to go between 55 and 65 on the New York State Thruway, which put us into Brattleboro at 5:00 PM, an hour later than we had planned. Luckily, we had called the hotel at 3:00 and were told that we could pick up our rider’s packets when we arrived followed by dinner at 6:00.


As we started to unload the Road King after a tiring Travels with Harley ride, one of the first people that we ran into was a New York City fireman who we had met on the Hellbender Tour in Arkansas last year. He and his riding group had all been staying at the same bed and breakfast that we had in Mountain View, AR. The Inn at Mountain View is right on the town square and has this amazing wraparound porch where the boys say on the porch smoking cigars and listening to the local musicians playing in the town square.


Anyway, this time around Chris, the fireman, introduced us to his wife, who rode her own bike and proceeded to give me a hard time, once again, for not having my own ride.


It was about that time that I was rushing around and heard someone say, “Are you the one riding that?” or something like that. I wasn’t sure what he was saying and should have asked him to repeat what he said instead of just saying, “No.” A couple of days later at the Sugarloaf Mountain Resort I found out that he had asked me if I was the one from, “Travels with Harley,” which I thought was pretty cool.

Lots happened between then and now, but it’s getting late and it was a long trip so I will continue with the rest of our Travels with Harley New England Trailblazer Tour next week.