The Worst Leg of the Trailblazer Tour


Honestly, it’s rare to see Demea get mad, but when she does, it can get ugly. I told you last week that Demea has booked and paid for our room three months prior to our Trailblazer Tour, so you can imagine how angry she was when she got the call saying that the Holiday Inn Express had given away our room.


When we got to the hotel we were told that their sister property, the White River Inn had a room and it was right next door. We walked over and had to wait about thirty minutes. We paid for the room and were given an envelope with our key cards in it. The guy had written 229 on the envelope, which he said was on the third floor.


Demea and I took our bags up to the elevator, walked all the way down the hall only to discover there was no room 229 on the third floor. After getting back in the elevator and going back to the lobby, the guy says, “Oh, it’s on the 4th floor.” I could see Demea wasn’t happy, but we were tired on this leg of the Trailblazer Tour and just wanted to put our bags in the room and have something to eat.


After getting to room 229 more frustration as our key cards wouldn’t work. By this time, Demea was livid and went back to the lobby while I stayed with our bags. When she got back, we were both glad that the keys worked.


We threw our bags on the bed only to look around in disgust. The room was really dirty. The toilet had toilet paper in it as if nobody bothered to flush. By this time, Demea is really upset. She tells me that she just wants to take a hot bath. I was almost scared to tell her that there was no tub in this room. On top of that, there was no hot water.


Because Demea is an IHG member and booked three months in advance for our Trailblazer Tour, she was pretty pissed about us getting bounced. She went over the Holiday Inn Express asking for a confirmation email about the cancellation and requested a refund. She also wanted her reward points for the stay. The sister property was not IHG, so all she were bonus points.


I think what was most frustrating for Demea was the fact that a businessman came in and checked in when she was getting her refund and was given a room right away even though he only had a reservation and had not paid for the room.


The highlight for Demea on this leg of the Trailblazer Tour was that she got to see how cool Matt from Harley’s jacket was. Every time we traveled into the shadows, our headlight would light up the back of his jacket. From that moment, I knew that we would be getting a jacket for Demea before the end of the Trailblazer Tour.


After ordering some chilidogs that were just okay, we both were beginning to feel pretty down about the whole northeast and the Trailblazer Tour in general, that is, until we went to Ben’s Mill.