Another leg on our Trailblazer Tour


After our trip to Bens Mill on our Trailblazer Tour, we really wanted to catch up with the rest of the group, so we took a shortcut. It took us most of the day, but we somehow managed to get ahead of the group by a few minutes.


Sugarloaf is a beautiful vacation and ski resort and quite popular all over the world. Demea and I were glad that it was part of our Trailblazer Tour. We rode the ski lift to the top of the mountain where the organizers had a nice supper followed by an awesome fireworks show and drinks in the bar with Matt from Harley Davidson. Meeting Ed and discovering that our Travels with Harley blog and the Trailblazer Tour was the first thing that showed up on Google when you searched for the Trailblazer Tour was pretty awesome. Ed and Anna were the Tour Operators and are originally from England living in the US for about six years now.


On our September 10 Trailblazer Tour, Demea and I got up a bit late, and because the rest of the group didn’t want to wait, took off without us. We rode for most of the day by ourselves where we enjoyed the beautiful countryside. It reminded me of where I grew up although a heck of a lot colder.


We got to the dealership in Hermon Maine for our Trailblazer Tour, rode with Jolene’s group to Ellsworth, and caught up with Matt, Jodie and Steve at a place called
Jaspers for supper where they had some kinds of sea creatures on the menu. Demea had lobster Newburg, Jodi and Steve had a lobster roll, and Matt had the stuffed haddock. Of course, I had a steak.


I’m backtracking a bit, but Demea wanted me to mention the truck stop in Hermon on our Trailblazer Tour. She did a Yelp search for a place called Dysart’s Restaurant & Truck stop that had great reviews, especially for their pie.


After we sat down a guy from another table stopped by and told us about a lot of great areas to see. Demea ordered the French toast with the fresh Maine blueberry compote and a piece of blueberry pie with ice cream. She later said that it may have been a bit over the top, and should have just had the French toast. That’s one of the many things that I love about my wife, she usually bites off more than she can chew, and with that, I will do my best to finish our Trailblazer Tour next week.