The Final Leg of our New England Trailblazer Tour


As the New Year, approaches I am reminded how thankful I am for our family and friends and how much I enjoy our Travels with Harley. Before I write my final installment of our New England Trailblazer Tour this past September Demea and I would like to wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Year, now let me digress and get back to one of the best rides that we have had in some time.


One of the things that I loved about New England was how clean the air smelled. It was brisk and fresh and made me want to go another New England Trailblazer Tour and a Travels with Harley ride sooner rather than later.


As I said last week, I’m not that keen on big cities, but dealt with it as best I could. It was cold and we were hungry, but we were so tired that we really didn’t feel like stopping at a fancy restaurant so Demea yelped and found this Mexican grocery store with a grill out front. The two guys who were looking after the place didn’t speak English, but were able to understand our order which was four taco’s and a Pepsi served in a glass bottle.


The meat was hot and grisly, so we just grinned and bared it. The day wasn’t that great as Demea and I both love our food and we didn’t have much that day.

We weren’t really in a hurry the next day, and that was probably a good thing, as it got really cold around midday. Both of us were tired and hungry and were seriously considering renting a truck and hauling the bike back, even after hunting for warmer clothes at a local store in Gander. Even though Demea bought a shirt, it wasn’t enough for the ride home.


After having a bite to eat we decided that the $800.00 it would cost to haul the bike back wasn’t worth it. We warmed up, got back on the bike, and rode into Indy on our New England Trailblazer Tour before spending the night.


We weren’t really in that much of a hurry the next day on our New England Trailblazer Tour and that was a good thing as it was pretty darn cold, not as cold as the day before thank God, but according to the forecast, rain was expected.


We got within 20 miles of St. Louis on our New England Trailblazer Tour and it started to come down hard. We went into the Casey store to get some coffee and a pizza while Demea worked on her laptop. We were able to visit with Susie and Neal who own a couple of Sears Hometown Stores and three outlet stores. Everything happens for a reason and it was good to catch up and get advice and ideas for our business.


After checking the weather and getting warm, we gassed up the Road King and headed out for the final leg of our New England Trailblazer Tour. Considering all the weather that we had to put up with, it was a pretty easy ride.

As we pulled into the garage, I checked out my trip meter and discovered that we had traveled 3740.9 miles on our New England Trailblazer Tour. That meant we had been through 13 states in 12 days.



So, that is my take on our New England Trailblazer Tour…and although I may have been longwinded at times, it was sure good to reminisce. Thanks for joining us on our New England Trailblazer Tour journey and we’ll see you next year!