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Travels with Harley

By now, most people are getting weary of winter. Thoughts of spring flowers, warmer weather, and motorcycle trips on the Road King for a Travels with Harley trip are occupying my mind, and my time.

Travels with Harley

Over the past month, I have been checking out motorcycle ride websites. There are some very cool ones out there including the Harley Davidson Road Planner.

Travels with Harley

As Harley Davidson riders and members of the Harley Davidson Owners Group, lovingly referred to as H.O.G., Jim and I enjoy meeting others, going on Harley Davidson rides and seeing what Harley Davidson and other enthusiasts have to offer on the world wide web.

Travels with Harley

I especially like the Harley Davidson Road Planner where you can build your own trip on the Harley Davidson website. This is a great way to plan your trip and take it with you on the road. You decide where you what to start, stop along the way and finish your trip whether you prefer a trip on Route 66 or are looking for something that has got some ferocious climbs and plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Travels with Harley

I did a search on Google for the best Harley Davidson websites and came up with quite a few that Jim and I will use when we plan our Travels with Harley motorcycle trips.

Edelweiss Bike Travel

The Edelweiss Biking Company is another great website where you can plan your motorcycle trip. With motorcycle trips around the world available at your fingertips, you can plan the adventure of a lifetime. All you have to do is select the continent where you want to plan your motorcycle trip, and Edelweiss will do the rest.

Open Road Journey

Open Road Journey is a website that is dedicated to modern day adventurers. Acting as a trusted guide, Open Road Journey has more than 6000 motorcycle trips on the site that have been ridden, honestly reviewed, and rated. Open Road Journey caters to beginners and advanced rides and is the place to go for inspirational motorcycle trips.

America Rides Maps

One of my favorite motorcycle trips websites, makes it easy to download a map and store it on your device, or print up a pocket sized one for those times when cell phone reception is nowhere to be found.

psoidfgpsidogh is a great site that points you in the right direction whether you are sourcing Harley Davidson leathers or looking for reputable Harley Davidson parts dealers. With over 1,720 links, you are sure to find what you are looking for when it comes to Harley Davidson and other Motorcycle brands.

Travels with Harley

I really hope that spring is around the corner so that Jim and I can get out and enjoy one of our many motorcycle trips that we have planned for 2015.

Motorcycle Events this Spring

Travels with Harley

Not sure if the groundhog was right or not, but after the weather that we have had lately, Jim and I are certainly looking forward to spring, especially so we can get out and enjoy the sunshine on the back of our Road King, and maybe even plan some trips to motorcycle events.

Travels with Harley

We’ve been really busy with the stores, but that hasn’t stopped me from checking out some of the motorcycle events that are scheduled for spring.

Travels with Harley

The Angel City Spring Motorcycle Rally in Georgia happens in April and sounds like it’s going to be a good one. Incorporating the, “Old West,” theme, Angel City is a town that was especially built for bikers. With wet and dry camping, burn out pits, two saloons, a bike show, bike games, and of course a bike ride, Angel City is definitely the place to be April 15 through the 19th.

Travels with Harley

It’s kind of hard keeping up with all of the Harley Davidson and motorcycle events this spring and summer, but another one that has caught my eye happens on the 14th of March in Dixon California. The District Five annual river run sounds like it will be a blast, and you know the weather is going to be amazing for this and any other motorcycle events that are happening in California.

Travels with Harley

The Mid-American Harley Davidson St. Patty’s Day event is close by, Columbia Missouri actually, and sounds like another awesome destination if you are hunting for motorcycle events. Sponsored by the Mid-American Harley Davidson shop, it’s going to be a party for sure.

Travels with Harley

Arkansas has always been a great place to ride, and this spring certainly doesn’t disappoint with all kinds of motorcycle events happening in this great state. But honestly, there doesn’t have to be an event to go on a great ride in Arkansas.

Travels with Harley

The Rural Arkansas Motorcycle Bliss is the perfect example of a motorcycle route that offers a nice relaxing ride through the farmland that is located between the White and Arkansas rivers. We like our hairpin curve rides, but this offers something a bit different. All you need is a free day and a picnic lunch and you are good to go.

Travels with Harley

If you don’t want to pack a lunch, stop at Cotham’s Mercantile. This place is awesome and is a general store that has been turned into a burger place offering some of the best food in the state. Located in Little Rock, Cotham’s Mercantile was built in 1917 and not only served as store, but also as a military commissary for those who broke the law and were waiting to go to trail. In 1984, the restaurant was opened and was soon a huge hit as it was discovered by politicians such as Bill Clinton. In 1999 a new location was opened on the corner of 3rd and Victory.

Harley Davidson Livewire VS Victory Charger

Victory Charger

A few months back the news broke about Harley Davidson getting into the electric motorcycle game, but according to recent reports, Harley Davidson just might be nipped at the finish line thanks to a new patent that was filed with the Trademark and US Patent office.

Victory Charger

Polaris, who recently purchased the manufacturing part of Brammo, an electric motorcycle company, filed the name, “Victory Charger.” Victory Motorcycles manufacture cruiser-style motorcycles and is one of Harley Davidson’s biggest competitors.

Victory Polaris

According to Polaris, the patent was filed for; “Electric motorcycles and structural parts therefore,” which according to the patent office is used as a placeholder because signature design and symbols cannot be patented. This is the first time that Victory has publicly acknowledged their race in the electric motorcycle game.

Victory Polaris

The Victory Charger uses Brammo’s drive train technology that is expected to take the electric motorcycle world by storm. Rumor has it that Polaris intends on rolling out the new Victory Charger during the third quarter of 2015.

People in the know claim that it would be nearly impossible to install a Brammo drive train into the Victory chassis in such a short time, which has some folks wondering if the new Victory Charger will look more like the Empulse manufactured by Brammo.


People in the Harley Davidson camp tend to think that the Charger will simply be rebranded using the Brammo Empulse. With that being said, the Victory Chargers will be manufactured at the Victory facility in Iowa.


Harley Davidson went public with the Livewire tour that included test rides and that just may give the electric Victory Charger the edge thanks to the awareness and publicity created by Harley Davidson and Livewire. Unless Harley Davidson releases the Livewire before Victory releases the Charger, those thousands of people who got to ride an electric motorcycle, just may not wait for Harley Davidson opting to buy the Victory Charger instead.

Travels with Harley


Personally, I love the big sound of our Road King and unless I lived in the city, wouldn’t want to go zipping around on an electric motorcycle whether it’s made by Victory or Harley Davidson. I know that Jim wouldn’t either.

Harley Davidson Teams Up with the Wounded Warrior Project


Not only do I love riding on the back of our Harley Davidson Road King with my husband and best friend Jim, but I also enjoy reading articles online, or anywhere else for that matter, about the great things that Harley Davidson does for people.


Back in November, Harley Davidson became partners with the Wounded Warrior Project and surprised veterans with brand new Harley Davidson Motorcycles.


According to the article, Harley Davidson delivered six brand new 2015 motorcycles to six lucky military veterans. The big surprise began a new partnership between the Wounded Warrior Project and Harley Davidson that was created to help improve the lives of men and women who are living with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Bill Davidson the great grandson of William A. Davidson, who founded Harley Davidson, proudly rode one of the bikes on the journey to Jacksonville Florida with six other veterans who are also Harley Davidson employees. Riding into town accompanied by a police motorcade the group gave the brand new Harley Davidson motorcycles to injured veterans while announcing the new partnership at a press conference.


The six veterans that received the Harley Davidson motorcycles all have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and were selected because they are experienced Harley Davidson riders and no longer have access to a motorcycle because of hardships. All of the veterans who received the new Harley Davidson motorcycles are affiliated and involved with the Wounded Warrior Project.


John Roberts, who is the EVP of Warrior relations with the Wounded Warrior Project says, “It is important to have the support of corporations like Harley Davidson who understand the long term needs of our nation’s veterans and are willing to work with us to help warriors uncover and live with their, ‘New Normal.’ We know from our warriors that recreational activities like motorcycle riding provide a multitude of therapeutic benefits for those living with PTSD.”


One aspect of the new partnership between the Wounded Warrior Project and Harley Davidson is to develop a new program that will be geared towards helping more veterans with PTSD experience the positive and encouraging benefits of the wide open road with peer to peer activity such as motorcycle riding. According to the Wounded Warrior Project, Peer to peer activity is showing much needed therapeutic benefits when it comes to PTSD symptoms.