A Weekend Motorcycle Ride in Ohio

weekend motorcycle ride

A weekend motorcycle ride doesn’t take as much planning as some of the other long road trips that Jim and I have been on, but you do need to be prepared and remember some of the tips that were mentioned in the last couple of Travels with Harley blogs. Once you are packed and ready to go it’s time to hit the road. This week we are heading to Ohio.

weekend motorcycle ride

Known as the buckeye state, Ohio offers some of the best weekend motorcycle rides in the Midwest. The southeastern part of Ohio really is a motorcycle riders paradise and is filled with twisty roads, river hugging curves and lovely little country towns. The northeast part of Ohio takes you to Lake Erie, which is proud to be the 11th largest lake in the world.

weekend motorcycle ride

The Legends of Music Bar Run is a great little weekend motorcycle ride that is only 19 miles long, however because the ride goes through old world Amish Country, the roads have the typical wagon wheel damage and horse debris. It’s best to stay towards the center and make sure that you go slowly. You’ll pass an old windmill and an Amish School House, which some say is the highlight of the entire ride. Take a picnic lunch with you or stop for one at Quick Check Foods in Killbuck. You can also stop for food and gas at Miller’s Dutch Kitchen, an authentic Amish Family Restaurant, but best check it out on Monday through Saturday as it is closed on Sundays.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The 26-mile Cuyahoga Valley National Park Run starts out in the industrial valley, but quickly gets rural as you ride along the old canal system. If you want to see old bridges, waterfalls and some really cool caves take one of the side roads. If you like to hike, there are 125 miles of trails where you can stop and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. This weekend motorcycle ride takes you through quite a few towns where you can have a bite to eat, or if you want to head into Akron, there are plenty of places to curb your appetite.

Rocky River Reservation

Valley Parkway is another weekend motorcycle ride in Ohio that you will not want to miss. Part of the Cleveland Metro Parks the road starts in Mill Stream Reservation ending at the Rocky River Reservation. The road crosses over the Rocky River quite a few times and is very well maintained. You’ll see waterfalls and lakes along the way as well. This is definitely a Sunday kind of ride and is ideal for cruising, if you are looking for speed, this isn’t the weekend motorcycle ride for you.

motorocycle road trip

When we have the time, Jim and I are always up for a weekend motorcycle ride and will hopefully get in a few more before the end of summer. Next week we are going to explore Delaware.

Preparing For a Motorcycle Road Trip Part Two

581269_427174447305408_1439731651_n (1)

Last week we talked about preparing for a motorcycle road trip, but wanted to get down to the finer details. If you don’t follow the Travels with Harley blog, just scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe  and you will know how important it is to be ready for just about anything when it comes to preparing for a motorcycle road trip.

Getting your Harley Davidson ready for the journey is imperative if you want to make sure that your bike is up for it.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Knowing the Limits

Jim knows the Road King much better than I do and knows just how far to push it. If you aren’t sure what your motorcycles limits are, check out the VIN plate and the owner’s manual for the GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This will tell you just how much weight your motorcycle can carry.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

The Suspension

If you are preparing for a motorcycle road trip try stiffening the suspension, as it will counterbalance the racks, luggage and other items that could affect the performance of your motorcycle.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Your Tires

The tire pressure that you keep when you are riding around town may not be sufficient for a long distance trek. Check the instructions in your owner’s manual and adjust the tire pressure as needed.

Check your Headlamp

Make sure that you check your headlamp when your bike is fully loaded. If you don’t, you may have gear or something else that you are bringing along blocking your view.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip


Check your bikes spark plugs and don’t forget to check the chain or belt for any weak spots. Make sure that you inspect the fluid levels in every battery cell and don’t forget to give the battery a charge, especially if you have not been on a ride for a while. Travels with Harley also recommends that you clean or replace air filters and fill up on your low-level fluids. Lubricate your clutch cables and brakes and make sure that all of your lights, including your brake lights, are working properly.

Preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Test it Out

One of the most important things to remember when you are preparing for a motorcycle road trip is the test drive. It really is the best way to know what you should expect when your bike is fully loaded.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Map it

Although you have probably planned your trip route, it is important to check the map route the night before. Check one of the real time mapping systems such as MapQuest for road closures or any other travel issues that may have occurred.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip


Make sure that you include a copy of your registration and your insurance. If you are going over the border, you will want to bring along a passport and proof of identification. Also, bring along some converted cash for the country that you are visiting.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Plan your Stops

Before you head out you will want to check out online reviews for the places that you are visiting when you are preparing for a motorcycle road trip. Check out where the gas stations and restaurants will be and don’t forget to plan ahead, especially if you are staying in a hotel.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Preparing for a motorcycle road trip can be fun, as long as you remember to enjoy the ride!

Preparing for a Motorcycle Road Trip

planning a motorcycle road trip

Preparing for a motorcycle trip can be difficult, and frankly, Jim and I have had a few road trips where we were not prepared; however, now that we know more about preparing for a motorcycle trip, we are not so worried about forgetting something.

Below are a few tips that you may want to consider if you are preparing for a motorcycle road trip.

planning a motorcycle road trip

Weather Appropriate Clothing

Depending on when you are traveling, you will want to your gear to be able to deal with the elements. For warmer months, pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a cool neck wrap, and gloves, a heated vest liner, and waterproof outerwear during the fall and winter.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip


The last thing that you want is to breakdown and not have the appropriate tools. Make sure that you have motor oil, a bike cover, a tool kit, a tire inflation kit and jumper cables. If you are handy with a wrench, include fuses, spare spark plugs, and maybe a clutch cable.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

All the comforts of home

If you are like Jim and I you know that preparing for a motorcycle road trip is all about traveling light. However, there are some things that I like to take along including earplugs, lip balm, and toiletries.

In case of an emergency

Make sure that you pack a list of contacts and a first-aid kit. Don’t forget your medications, waterproof matches, a flashlight, phone charger, energy bars, and an emergency blanket. Always have water on hand as well as a few snacks that are easy to pack.

preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Roll it up

When you roll your clothes, like Jim and I do when we are preparing for a motorcycle road trip, you can fit more than you would if you folded them.

Synthetics over cotton

Synthetic clothes dry much faster than cotton, and if you have just been rained on or washed your clothes and want to get back out on the road, pack the synthetics.

preparing for a motorcycle road tripCompare your list

If you are riding with a group, make sure that your riding buddies and your partner are not duplicating items. Share what you can to save room for more important things.

Keep your gear towards the front

Because the front is your motorcycles center of gravity, it is important to disperse your personal items evenly as it will make for a smoother ride, even with the additional weight.

Preparing for a motorcycle road trip

Group it

If you are preparing for a motorcycle road trip try and group your similar items in zip lock baggies as you can arrange your things neatly making them much easier to access.

Next week Jim and I will talk about the finer details of preparing for a motorcycle road trip.

Just Another Motorcycle Road Trip in Massachusetts

Motorcycle Road Trip

A Motorcycle Road Trip can take an hour or ten days, depending on where you are headed, but as Jim and I like to say, any Motorcycle Road Trip is a good trip, as long as you are prepared ahead of time.

If you follow our Travels with Harley Blog, we have been sharing some great examples of the perfect Motorcycle Road Trip and this week we’re headed to Massachusetts.

Motorcycle Road Trip

From the thick forests in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, to the huge bluffs in Cape Code, Massachusetts really does have it all. You can hit the small towns, or spend a night in Boston for great shopping and dining. The Mayflower landed in Massachusetts followed by the Revolutionary War and the Witch Hunts.

Motorcycle Road Trips

Through the Country to the Castle is a great Motorcycle Road Trip that has mountains, ocean and country roads that take you to Castle Island all in just 36 miles. You’ll go through Blue Hills Mountain where you will see amazing views of Boston and the surrounding areas on winding roads that are invigorating and well paved. Quincy Shore has a couple of great eateries including Tony’s Clam Shop, which has a great selection of seafood platters.

The Country Whip Inc

Scenic Route 105 is another great Motorcycle Road Trip in Massachusetts that you will not want to miss. You will drive through orchards and farms taking you through Acushnet ending up in historic Marion. There will be lots of 90-degree right and left turns. When you get to Acushnet, stop at The Country Whip Drive Inc, and try a lobster roll and some fried clams.

Sams Pizzaria and Cafe

If you don’t have all day, but feel like getting out for a great little Motorcycle Road Trip, take the 23 mile Route 66 to Northampton. You’ll ride past mountains, farmlands, and state parks on good quality roads with lots of curves and hills. Once you get into Northampton, you will find a lot of great places to eat and shop, two of my favorite activities. Try to find something with outside tables, such as Sam’s Pizzeria and Café where you can enjoy a gourmet pizza washed down with an icy cold beer. Sam’s has live music Wednesday through Sunday and is open until 3:00 am on the weekends, not that Jim and I are ever up that late, or early!

Motorcycle Road Trip

Jim and I love Massachusetts and hope to get in another Motorcycle Road Trip for another Travels with Harley adventure soon. When that happens, we will definitely keep you posted!

Fun Motorcycle Road trips in New Hampshire

Travels with Harley

The best motorcycle road trips in New Hampshire offer bikers the chance to see places that they wouldn’t normally see if traveling by car. Motorcycle road trips allow you to see densely wooded areas, rivers, and lakes that only those on two wheels can enjoy.

Travels with Harley

Just like Vermont, the state has some of the best scenic motorcycle road trips in New Hampshire on the East Coast. Nicknamed the Granite State, New Hampshire is home to Mt. Washington, which is the highest peak in the northeastern part of America. New Hampshire has 1,300 ponds and lakes and although small is blessed with 13 miles of the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Travels with Harley

The Nashua Triangle is a 34-mile trip that starts in Hudson New Hampshire bringing you back to where you started. The Triangle takes you through a covered bridge in Massachusetts and past the Silver Lake State Park. If you follow our blog, you will know that Jim and I love covered bridges and have been through quite a few on our motorcycle road trips. If you are hungry, the White Lake Inn and Tavern sounds like a good place to stop. You can stay the night, or just stop for a bite.

Travels with Harley

Capitol to the Beach and back is fantastic and offers 113 miles of easygoing curves and rolling hills. Although there are a few straight pavement stretches, the majority is what Jim and I enjoy the most. This really is one of the best examples of motorcycle road trips in New Hampshire, especially if you like to eat, as there are great restaurants in every town.

Travels with Harley

Goodie Coles Smokehouse in Brentwood is supposed to be awesome. I know I would try the famous Pulled Pork Sandwich. Of course, I would pair it with Mac and cheese or smoked sweet potatoes.

People who like to shop for curios will love Antique Alley on Route 4. It gets hot during the summer so be prepared for pedestrian traffic headed to the shore to cool down. If your bike likes to overheat, you may want to put this trip off until the fall. If you want to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, check out the Seacoast Highway. The short 22-mile trip gets you so close you can feel the salt air and the waves crashing against the shore.

Travels with Harley

You will pass cottages as well as the Beach in Hampton. Take your GoPro, as there are plenty of places to stop for a photo op with awesome seasonal restaurants if you decide to take the trip during the spring, summer or early fall. With the high percentage of local bike owners, the area is very motorcycle friendly when it comes to motorcycle road trips in New Hampshire.

Travels with Harley

Next week Travels with Harley is staying on the East Coast and heading to Massachusetts.