A New Years Day Motorcycle Ride You Cannot Miss

New Years Day motorcycle ride

A New Years Day motorcycle ride is simply the best and with 2016, quickly drawing to an end, Travels with Harley has some great suggestions for awesome New Years Day motorcycle rides.

DPHD 26th Annual New Year’s Day Run

South San Francisco plays host to the 26th annual New Year’s Day run, and if you happen to be in the area, you really should check it out. This New Years Day motorcycle ride is a favorite among the locals and never disappoints. All you have to do is show up at Dudley Perkins Harley Davidson, located on Corey Way in San Francisco, and you will be good to go. The scenic ride is happening rain or shine and gets underway at 9:00 am.

22nd annual Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs Run

If you are a bit of a daredevil, you will love this New Years Day motorcycle ride. The 22n annual Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs Run takes place in Cottonwood Arizona at the American Legion Post on Calvary Way and promises to be quite a day. This great event features a dice run for prizes, an after party with raffles and live music and much more. Best of all, all of the proceeds go to the Verde Valley Military Service Park. Get there early as the event starts at 9:00 am sharp.

PDX Polar Bear Run

Cycle Gear is home to the annual PDX Polar Bear Run on Stark Street in Portland Oregon. The ride starts at 10:00 am and is sponsored by the Trinity Road Riders. Open to the general public this is the 33rd year for this fantastic New Years Day motorcycle ride.

Frozen Buns Run

Courthouse Square in downtown Kokomo Indiana is where you will find the Frozen Buns Run. The free ride is open to everyone and starts at 11:00 am with kickstands up at 1:00 pm. Bring a dessert or a covered dish and drop it off at the Eagles after 11. Even if you aren’t riding, you can join in the fun.

New Years Day motorcycle ride

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to an awesome New Years Day motorcycle ride with tons of events all over the United States. Travels with Harley recommend that you check the Harley Davidson Owners Group page for more information.

Stay safe out there and Happy New Year to you all from Travels with Harley.

Christmas Facts from Travels with Harley


The tradition of Christmas began with honoring Christ’s birth, however, it evolved from Saturnalia, the Roman tradition of honoring Saturn, the God of Agriculture during the winter solstice.

Because of the celebration, it was natural to celebrate Christ’s birth on the same date. This means that nobody knows exactly when Jesus was born. Some theologians believe that Christ was actually born during the spring.


Gift Giving

The tradition of gift giving began with the Three Wise Men who gave gifts to the newborn King. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were presented to Jesus to thank him for coming into the world as the new savior. However, as with many Christian holidays, the true origin of giving presents came from the Pagans.

During Saturnalia, children would often receive wax dolls to represent the Roman human sacrifices that were given to Saturn in the past for good harvests. Tree boughs and plants were also quite common gifts during Saturnalia to represent good harvests.



Some people that X-Mas was created to keep Christ out of C-H-R-S-T-M-A-S, but that couldn’t be further from the tree. The true origin of X-Mas is based in Christianity with the X standing for the Greek letter Chi, the first letter for the Greek word for Christ.
Since the 16th century, people have been using the term X-Mas with it becoming more prominent in the 19th and 19th centuries.


Christmas Carols

Christmas carols were developed around the 4th century in Rome, grew from the first hymns of the time, and were sung in Latin. The first true Christmas Carols came out of Italy, Germany, and France in the 13th century. The carols were sung at community festivals and events.


The songs would eventually become associated with Christmas while carols in the protestant churches were numerous as the protestant community encouraged music and the arts.

Caroling door to door comes from the word carula, carole, or carol which literally means a circular dance. The practice of caroling door to door may also have developed out of the public festivals and ceremonies that were responsible for the first Christmas carols.

Merry Christmas from Travels with Harley!

Harley Davidson Christmas Presents

Harley Davidson Christmas presents

Harley Davidson Christmas presents are always welcome, even if you only dream about riding a Harley Davidson. Jim and I love our gear and are always on the lookout for something new, and this year isn’t any exception. Below are a few of our pics for Harley Davison Christmas presents.

Harley Davidson Christmas Presents

These Boots were made for Riding

You can’t go wrong with a new pair of riding boots when it comes to Harley Davidson Christmas presents. Both Jim and I like a motorcycle boot with some coverage and the Harley Davidson calf high leather boot is perfect. I know I could certainly use a new pair of motorcycle boots. Perhaps Santa will be kind this year. I really haven’t been that naughty.

Harley Davidson Christmas Presents

Make it a Harley Home

If you like Harley Davidson sprawled all over the walls of your man or woman cave, you will love the Live to Ride Harley Davidson Pub Sign. It’s even got a remote control so you don’t have to move if you and your H.O.G. companions have had one too many.

Harley Davidson Christmas presents Outer Wear

If you’re like me and can’t resist a colorful pair of leathers to break out after the first sign of spring, this Christmas certainly doesn’t disappoint with lots of great colors that will make you want to jump on your bike and ride.

Harley Davidson Christmas Presents

Pour a Cold One

Every man, or woman loves drinking a cold brew out of a Harley Davidson Ale glass and Jim and I aren’t any different. This year you’ll find great looking beer glasses for Harley Davidson Christmas presents with awesome insignias. You can even have your initials engraved. If you like a shot or two check out the great Harley Davidson shot glasses available everywhere.

Harley Davidson Christmas presents

This year spread the Holiday spirit with Harley Davidson Christmas presents that everyone will love, and don’t forget to check out T-shirts and those awesome Harley Davidson Jeans that we talked about last year. They are still in style and look better than ever, but heck, who cares if they are still in style, they still look hot!

More Riding a Harley in the Winter Tips

riding a Harley during the winter

Riding a Harley in the winter doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and if you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will remember our promise to help you stay warm on the outside if you are riding a Harley during the winter.

riding a Harley during the winter

This time of year, it is especially important to dress in layers. Your base layers should consist of full leg and full sleeve underwear as was mentioned last week. Even if you are working up a sweat, a good base layer will allow your skin to breathe while wicking away any moisture. For conditions in the teens and 20s, throw on a zip up hoodie with a fleece neck collar, as it will help create an insulation barrier. If it is colder, add an additional mid-layer, like a wool sweater.

riding a Harley during the winter

Your outer gear has to be waterproof and it must breathe. Gore-Tex is a good option. As Travels with Harley mentioned, leather is a great windbreaker, but not advisable in the cold or wet conditions.

riding a Harley during the winter


You’ll need a neck warmer and don’t forget a good pair of waterproof riding gloves if you are riding a Harley in the winter. Held Freezer Gloves are great and although some wear glove liners for extra warmth, they aren’t usually needed if your Harley has heated grips.

riding a Harley during the winter

You may or may not be a fan of heated gear. Simple layering will keep your core warm and protected from any direct wind if you are riding a Harley in the winter.

Getting your bike ready if you are riding a Harley in the winter is extremely important. Of course, you’ll need a windshield and handguards. If you own a water-cooled motorcycle, be sure that you put in fresh antifreeze, which should be changed annually anyway.

riding a Harley during the winter

Cold tires during the winter will give you limited traction, but riding will increase the tire heat. Just be aware that even a small stop will cool your tires down quickly giving you less traction. Make sure that your tires have adequate tread if you are riding a Harley in the winter. Pinching your pennies on tires it just as ridiculous as buying a cheap motorcycle helmet.

Jim and I like to ride anytime of the year, but are always prepared for the weather, well, at least we try to be.

This winter be safe, dress for the weather and don’t forget to prep your motorcycle as well if you are riding a Harley during the winter.