About Us


Jim bought his first bike in 1975, first Harley Davidson in 77. At 14 he began carving wooden spoons which began a love that he continues today. Woodcarver, Harley rider, motorhead, heavy equipment operator, beans with bacon, book lover, the list goes on. One of his favorite quotes: “A mind is like a parachute. It only works when it’s open.”

Many years ago a friend of Demea’s described her as the “side order queen” and she will be the first to tell you that she LOVES food! Laughingly, she will also tell you that once upon a time she didn’t have to worry about how much of it she ate but…..time marches on. Even so, the first item ordered is just as likely to be a dessert, and the first item eaten also!

Combining 25 years in the hospitality & retail industry, great customer service is her forte. “You have to want to make the customer happy. All the rest is just procedures and systems that can be taught.”

During the 8 years as owners of retail establishments, Demea and Jim won local, regional and national awards with the organization. One location they’ve owned for 6 years has earned the “Reader’s Choice Award” in its’ category for the past 5 years in a row.

Along with their four cats, Jim and Demea enjoy their farm in Missouri, riding their Harley Davidson Road King, and meeting new people.