The Arkansas Dragon


The Hellbender Tour was pretty amazing, and Jim and I will probably do it again next year. We had such a great time and the scenery was spectacular. I would like to take the ride during the spring or summer just to catch a glimpse of what the area is like during the warmer months.



Last week I talked about the Arkansas Dragon. The Arkansas Dragon is one of the best motorcycle trips in the entire state, and quite possibly the whole country. In fact, ranks it as number 29 in the whole country. After taking the trip, Jim and I have to wonder why it isn’t ranked in the top ten, but it could have something to do with the lack of amenities.

The nine-mile adventure goes between the town of Piercetown, which is on the north on to Lurton, which is at the southern end.


As I mentioned before, Jim and I had never been to the Arkansas Ozarks on the back of our Road King, but are thrilled that we took the trip, as the scenery is breathtaking. I was able to get a better view as I was the passenger. Jim had to pay attention to the next curve, the switchbacks, or the hills, which keep coming at you for almost the whole ride.


Neither one of us would recommend the Arkansas Dragon unless you are an experienced rider. The hairpins turns and switchbacks are pretty hairy, making it great for riders, but if you were a novice, I would personally steer clear. Actually, because of the turns, truck traffic is forbidden on the road.


Like most of the roads in Arkansas, the road conditions are pretty good. Arkansas doesn’t have a huge population and the weather is usually quite good make it an excellent choice for a, “Travels with Harley,” road trip.