The Big 110th Anniversary Harley Davidson Parade

I left you last week hopefully wanting to know about our, “Travels with Harley,” when we attended the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now it’s time to share more of our adventures.

After breakfast at Zak’s, Jim and I rode our Road King out to the Harley offices just to make sure that we were signed up for the Harley Davidson parade. The anniversary organizers handed us a ribbon to add to our Chapter flag and we were good to go. On the way out, we ran into a Harley Davidson dealer who also hailed from Missouri. He had two stores, one at the Lake of the Ozarks, and the other in Lebanon, which is close to Salem. He told us that he had ridden up with a fairly good-sized group and I asked if he was riding in the parade. He said no as he only had a couple of passes. I could tell he was disappointed, and since our tickets included parade passes, and as we also had a pass because we were representing our chapter, we gave him a couple of ours. He was really happy as there were a couple of members in his group that really wanted to ride, and Harley Davidson parade passes were as rare as hen’s teeth.

The Harley Davidson parade was awesome, incredible actually. Before the trip, Jim kept going on about how he didn’t think riding in the parade would be much, and probably more hassle than it was worth. If you have ever ridden a bike before, you know that slow riding where you are always stopping and going isn’t much fun. Boy was he wrong. He had so much fun creating a memory of a lifetime…Jim rarely gets emotional, but the parade really brought tears to his eyes. People lined the streets with homemade signs saying, “Welcome home riders.” Everyone was cheering and applauding. Kids and older folks alike were holding up their hands ready to give and receive, “High fives.” Jim and I had always heard about the, “Family,” of riders in Milwaukee, but we really had no idea just how much we are loved in the home of Harley Davidson.

I did promise you three parts in this fantastic, “Travels with Harley,” adventures so next week I will share our accommodation, the food and of course, the entertainment.