Celebrating 110 Years with Other Fans this Labor Day Weekend


Milwaukee, Wisconsin is getting ready to rock and so are Jim and I. We will be heading out on our Road King to the 110th Harley Davidson anniversary this Labor Day weekend, and will be carrying our Charter Flag in the parade.


The parade route is already set, and the bands are doing their sound checks as the year-long global celebration of Harley Davidson’s 110th anniversary comes to a conclusion. Over the past year people from all over the planet have gone to 11 countries on six continents to celebrate the common bond that Harley Davidson riders have. Employees, riders and Harley Davidson dealers have shared hundreds of experiences that included a parade along the Sao Paulo beaches, a ride through China and the Tibetan Plateau, and even a blessing by the Pope.


According to Harley Davidson’s CMO and Senior Vice President Mark-Hans Richer, the biggest party in the US over Labor Day Weekend is the best way to conclude the year long adventure. The epic weekend will take place in Harley Davidson’s hometown with literally thousands of friends and family members. By the end of the weekend, everyone in Milwaukee will have developed a common bond that is ever present when it comes to Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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The residents of Milwaukee have always been gracious hosts whenever Harley Davidson puts on a party, and the 110th anniversary next weekend is no different. One tradition that Milwaukee has continued over the years is to welcome home the thousands of Harley Davidson riders by standing on the Milwaukee overpass with homemade welcome home signs.

If you live in the area, you can still pick up Harley Davidson Welcome Home signs free at the local Harley Davidson dealerships and the Harley Davidson Museum. According to Harley Davidson, the best time to welcome the riders as they come into Milwaukee will be this Thursday August 29th from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.