What are You Having for Christmas Dinner?


The store has been really busy so once it again it has been impossible for Jim and I to get out and take a ride, mind you, the weather hasn’t been playing in our favor either. If we do get some time out we just relax at home and kick back at home with the kids, I mean cats.


On one particular afternoon, I was reading something about Christmas Traditions on Facebook and then I got to thinking about food, Christmas dinner in particular. If you know anything about me and have been following my blog, you know I love to eat and found it fascinating that different cultures enjoy different food during the holidays. .


Here in the United States turkey with stuffing, potatoes and gravy, roasted veggies and cranberry sauce is the norm when it comes to the Christmas Feast. Americans usually finish the meal off with a pumpkin or mince meat pie. Of course, not every family in the United States will sit down to a turkey dinner. Some will have ham while others may opt for roast beef or duck.

In Austria Christmas Day is spent feasting on fried carp, ham or goose, Sacher torte, which is a type of Austrian chocolate cake and Christmas cookies. Austria is very big on edible Christmas ornaments as well.

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Christmas dinner in the United Kingdom usually begins in the early afternoon with a roast turkey, duck, pheasant, goose, chicken, or capon. Sometimes the British may eat ham or roast beef. Sides consist of stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pigs in a blanket, redcurrant jelly, bread pudding, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and parsnips. Dessert is usually a Christmas pudding, known as plum pudding or trifle with brandy butter.

Traditional Christmas dinner in Mexico is shared by family and friends and happens on Christmas Eve, or Niche Buena. Every year the family sets a location with the host of the event contributing the majority of the food, dinnerware, and decorations with guests bringing a side dish, alcohol or a dessert. Food can differ according to region, but usually includes menudo, birria, pozole, atole, and of course, tamales. Tamale preparation, which is practiced by people all over the United States, also varies from region to region with fillings like pork or beef with red sauce, chicken with a green chili sauce, and cheese tamales with jalapeno strips. Christmas also brings out the sweet tamales that are filled with strawberries, raisins, and pineapple.


It’s called Christmas lunch in Australia and is based on the North American and traditional English feasts, however because Christmas falls during the summer months, ham, turkey or chicken is usually served cold with the majority of Australians opting for barbecues in order to avoid the heat. Seafood is a popular choice for Christmas lunch with Aussies enjoying crayfish, bugs, prawns, and lobster followed by Pavlova, which is a classic Australian dessert featuring fruit and baked meringue.