Forward Controls For My Road King


The Road King that I have now came with stock footboards. This is the first bike that I have ever owned that came with footboards. Before Demea, I never rode much with footboards and none of the other bikes that I owned even had them.


I love adding stuff to my Harley-Davidson’s so I told Demea that I wanted to put forward controls on the Road King. For those of you that are not into motorcycles, forward controls are a modification that extends or relocates your brake pedal, foot pegs and shift pegs forward so that you can ride comfortably with your legs extended. Some bikes come with them, but my Road King didn’t. Mind you, I used to love riding with forward controls taking the turns at high speeds with my boots dragging on the pavement.

Anyway, I checked out the Harley parts catalog and they don’t make them for the Road King. I have no idea why, but decided to check out the aftermarket catalogues, and yeah they make them, but Holy crap, they are $600.00!


Needless to say, I just kept riding with my footboards, but every time I thought about forward controls I think, “Man, I’ve got to have some.”
About a week ago, I take my bike in for a service and a new back tire and I get to talking with Kent over at Bourbeuse Valley Harley Davidson. These guys are my favorite dealers and always look after me. So Kent and I are talking and I tell him to order some forward controls for me…he tells me that they are $400.00 and they have to be back ordered…yeah, still pricey in my books, but $200.00 less than the aftermarket catalogs, and I trust these guys so I know that I’ll be getting a good product. I’m not really in a hurry because it’s been raining for days, but was really looking forward to getting my forward controls.

Demea and I get a chance to get away from the store for an hour or so and decide to take the bike down to pick up the new controls, unfortunately, they weren’t in yet, but they put on the back tire and did the service.

After we get back to the store, Jay the mechanic calls me and tells me to come down as he has made me some forward controls for my Road King, so at lunch time Demea and I head down to Bourbeuse Valley Harley Davidson to check out the forward controls.


Jay did a really good job. He used old parts from other bikes, but I was happy with them. I didn’t really get to check them out on the ride home as it was only about 12 miles, but about a week later; we took a ride on Saturday and clocked about 200 miles. I really like them better than the footboards. With the new forward controls, I can go through a tight curve and drag my boot heels, kind of like an old Panhead that I used to have. The new controls made me feel like I was riding a Harley-Davidson the way that you are supposed to. Now it’s time to start thinking about some exhaust pipes for our next, “Travels with Harley.”