Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Travels with Harley


It’s St. Patrick’s Day and there is nothing I would like more than to take a ride on the Road King. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not cooperating, so Jim and I will just have to wait until spring has actually sprung, in the meantime I’ve been doing some additional research about places that I would like to go for our next Travels with Harley.


Jim and I have been to Hawaii before and if you follow my blog would know that we rented a Harley and had a wonderful ride, but if I were to make a bucket list, Australia would definitely be somewhere that I would like to visit. However, I am afraid that will have to wait, so in the meantime I will just concentrate on some of the places in the states that we might be able to travel to in the near future.


New Mexico is beautiful and has some incredible road trips including the ride through Southern Colorado and New Mexico. The motorcycle roads are uncrowded and spectacular with winding mountain roads and mountain passes featuring incredible southwest desert landscapes and Native American lands. Of course, I love to eat, and I’m sure that New Mexico and Southern Colorado will not disappoint. Apparently, one of the highlights of this Travels with Harley would trace the, “Trail of the Ancients.” The trip will take us through Utah on to New Mexico and is supposed to be fantastic.


Of course, Route 66 is another trip that Jim and I would love to take from the east to the west coast. We had been thinking about a guided motorcycle tour, as we love to meet new people. The 2400-mile trip will take us from California to Chicago and has some incredible eateries, hotels, and bed and breakfast Inns along the way. Known as, “Heaven,” when it comes to motorcycle road trips this is one that we plan on taking in the next year or two.