Harley-Davidson Fun Facts in Travels With Harley

When I was a kid I always wanted a motorcycle, but Dad wouldn’t allow it. I suppose when I came of age I kind of went crazy. Luckily, my wife Demea enjoys bikes almost as much as I do! I enjoy researching Harley history and thought I would share some of the things that I have discovered.

It was in 1906 that the brothers Harley and Davidson set up shop in a factory in Milwaukee Wisconsin, That factory is still there today and is the home of the company’s corporation. That year Harley-Davidson manufactured 50 Harley Davidson motorcycles.

By 1913, Harley-Davidson was outshining Indian motorcycles and would become the leader in motorcycle racing. Production rose to almost 16,300 bikes that year.

When the First World War broke out in 1917, the military called on Harley-Davidson to produce motorcycles for the armed forces and nearly 15,000 machines were manufactured to help the war effort.

In 1920, Harley-Davidson became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles on the planet producing 28,200 bikes with dealers in 67 countries.

Otto Walker rode to victory riding a 1921 Harley-Davidson. This became the first bike to win riding at over 100 mph.

Harley Davidson survived the Great Depression and started producing large numbers of bikes for the Army in World War II. Once the war broke out, Harley-Davidson manufactured more than 90,000 motorcycles.

Over the years, Harley-Davidson has had its ups and downs. In 1952, the company was charged with restrictive practices, and in 1990 was charged with stock price manipulation with several class action suits filed by Harley Davidson investors.

In 1987, Harley-Davidson began an association with the Buell Motorcycle company. This led to a 49% share hold in 1993, followed by complete ownership in the year 2003. Six years later in 2009, Harley-Davidson ceased production of the sport bike claiming that they wanted to focus on the Harley-Davidson brand.

IMHO Harley-Davidson is the best bike in the world, and I for one will continue to rebuild, buy and ride my bikes along with my wife Demea in, “Travels with Harley.”

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