Harley Davidson Rolls out Two New Bikes


The weather that we are having is crazy, and needless to say, not conducive for a ride, but hopefully spring will be here before we know it so that Jim and I can plan another Travels with Harley. In the meantime, we have been checking out the new Harley Davidson Street 750, and the Harley Davidson Street 500 bikes.


Both of these new Harley Davidson bikes are being built to attract new riders all over the planet and will feature liquid cooled power trains known as Revolution X™. Both of these new bikes have a leaner chassis that is narrow and built for easy maneuverability and fast moves. These new street bikes have been designed for city riding, especially if traffic is stop and go.


Only select Harley Davidson dealers in the US will carry the new Street 500 and 750, which are scheduled to roll out sometime this year. The bikes are manufactured out of real steal and look awesome. With prices beginning at just $6,700, I am sure that these new street bikes are going to be a huge success for Harley Davidson.


The 750 Harley Davidson comes with a six speed manual transmission that is sequential along with a V-Twin Revolution X 749 cc motor. The two into one exhaust on the right hand side makes it easy to ride. The 500 has a 494 cc motor along with the same features on the 750. Both are really light, in fact, at 48 pounds I could handle it on my own. The 750 also comes with foot pegs for the passenger, yes that would be me, and mental fenders and tanks.


Jim and I like to go on long road trips, so not sure if either of these bikes would be good for Travels with Harley, but I’m sure the youngsters who live in the city and need to get around would love to ride either model.