Jims New Table Saw


Jim has wanted a Delta/Rockwell Unisaw for a quite some time, but because they aren’t cheap and cost around $3000, it isn’t something that he or I have taken lightly.


Both of us have been watching eBay for unbeatable deals on table saws and I happened to see one in Utica, Michigan with a Buy it Now price of $775. I certainly thought it was too good to be true, but thought I would mention it to Jim anyway.

$_57-2It had the sliding fence attachment that you can’t get anymore, mobile base, Biesemyer fence and looked to be in pretty decent shape, considering it was probably a 1977 model. I showed it to Jim and he liked it, so we thought we would go ahead and buy it. If you shop on eBay, you know that Buy it Now means Buy it Now, and that is what we did without seeing the saw beforehand.


We had to drive up to Utica to pick up his table saw, which considering that the two of us traveled to Toronto, Canada on New Year’s Eve to pick up an Inca Bandsaw, aren’t afraid to drive a few hours for a tool that Jim wants and needs. When I say needs, I understand that EVERY man needs tools. Not to mention that the majority of the woodworking tools that

Image 2

Jim uses for his carved wooden spoons are not built anymore. The quality is difficult to find these days without having to spend more than we can afford. For a good woodworking tool these days, you have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars.


Because we couldn’t pick up the saw on the Harley Davidson Road King, we had to take the truck. Of course, that means research on the internet checking out food stops. It seems like I’m always reading reviews on eateries before I check out hotels. If you follow our blog, you know that I always read the reviews before we eat anywhere.


Anyway, I found this great deli in Ann Arbor. Zingermans is a well know deli that we hadn’t tried before. Needless to say, we were both impressed. The roast beef was incredible & I had a #00, the Cuban, and it was all I expected and more. We ordered some pecan blondies and were both happy campers. We also picked up some sourdough bread and Vermont sharp cheddar cheese. Jim and I decided that the next time we visit Zingerman’s; we are going to get some bread, deli meats, and yummy cheeses so we can stop for a picnic.


We left Washington around 7pm on Friday night, drove to Indianapolis, and spent the night at a Staybridge Suites. Although it is hard to find a room at midnight, we lucked out as we usually do. We got up in the next morning and left at 7am to get to Utica, which is actually Shelby Township, and picked up the saw. One of my biggest worries was loading it into the pickup, but we conquered that hurdle with flying colors. As a side note when we picked up the table saw, Jim indicated that it was not a Delta at all, but a Rockwell Unisaw. Neither one of us is sure how the two companies went back and forth, but this great table saw that we found on eBay definitely fits the bill.


Because we enjoyed Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, so much we decided to stop again on our way home around 2:30pm. Although we had promised ourselves a loaf of bread, meat, and cheese, we wanted to get home so ordered from the menu.

IMG_3474 copy

With full bellies, we made it home to Washington shortly after 11pm. We were certainly both tired but satisfied, and extremely happy to be back in our own bed.