Just Making Time and Miles on the Trailblazer Ride


As I said in last week’s blog, Demea and I had to put on our leathers at the first gas stop before continuing on the Trailblazer Ride.


We didn’t make it to Erie, PA until about 8:45, but stopped at the Panera Bread in Columbus, OH on the way. We were both freezing, and wanted something to warm us up. Sadly, Demea’s mocha and my hot chocolate were both lukewarm. Probably the worst stop yet on our Trailblazer Ride.


After we left Panera Bread, we got back on the road and arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in Erie, PA. By this time, we were both hungry and tired and were glad that there was a pub restaurant that served until 9:00.


You know how much Demea loves her food and was thrilled that the New Harvest Restaurant and Pub had liver and onions. She asked if she could add bacon on top of the liver and the look on her face was priceless when the waitress said that was how it was served. Of course, she knew it would be delicious.


Demea ordered a burger for me but later said that she probably should have ordered the meatloaf based on how tasty the liver and onions were. We had our meal to go because we just wanted to get back to our room. Both of us liked the sound of a hot bath to get rid of the chill that we had been riding with all day.


When I went back to get the food and talked to the waitress I told her, “You sound like you’re from Tennessee.” She said, “Yeah, I am, how did you know?” I said that I could hear it in her voice. They talked about how she had moved to Erie to be closer to her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild. Honestly, both Demea and I thought that the food from the New Harvest Restaurant and Pub was almost the best food that we had on the Trailblazer Ride.


After a good night’s sleep, we enjoyed another free breakfast at the Holiday Inn before riding the toll road Highway 90 across New York State for the Trailblazer Ride. It was overcast, but the sun did come out which made us feel better, but not much warmer. Luckily, we had our long johns and leathers on.


I spent some time in New York State during the 70’s while attending Submarine school in Connecticut. Back then, I thought it was pretty and still do. I hope that Demea and I can get back so that we can do more exploring.

trailblazer trees

Although the speed limit was 65 everyone was going about 80 mph. If I saw a cop I would slow down, but we still made pretty good time. I wouldn’t call it a fun bike ride, just making time and miles.

trailblazer groupon road

We arrived at the Holiday Inn in Brattleboro, VT around 17:00. By this time, we had already traveled 1204.7 miles from home on the Trailblazer Ride.

After Demea unpacked we headed down to the lobby and met with other folks that we had ridden with in the past before heading across the street to a big tent that they had set up for us. The food was catered and good. One guy that we talked to said that there were about 300 bikes signed up for the Trailblazer Ride.


Next week I’m going to tell you about some of the people that we rode with, the couple that we met from France, and of course, my take on Ben’s Mill.