The New Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle


Jim and I both saw this coming, but when Harley Davidson unveiled its new high-powered electric motorcycle, we were certainly intrigued. Although it won’t be released for at least 24 months, Harley Davidson is testing a model that is powered by a battery hoping to attract a younger crowd and those who are especially concerned about the environment.



I read a couple of articles over the weekend about the new battery powered Harley Davidson, called the LiveWire. According to the COO and president, Matt Levatich, the new Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle won’t be for sale for about two years, but there are some prototypes on the road that can go about 100 miles without having to be recharged. The batteries are powered by lithium-ion and can go from zero to sixty in about four seconds.


According to the Harley Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, a few selected consumers will get the chance to jump on the Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle prototype next week to see how it handles the road. I’ve got to say, I think that would be a blast!

Harley Davidson is not the first company to roll out an electric powered motorcycle. Mission, Brammo Inc, and Zero Motorcycles Inc are selling motorcycles powered by batteries, with BMW getting into the mix with a scooter that is powered by a battery.

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Unlike the usual rumble of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle that we all know and love, the Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle sounds a bit like an engine on a jet, albeit a bit quieter.

Unlike the car companies, Harley Davidson did not launch the Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle because of environmental regulations. Instead, it was launched because of the technology that is currently available.


Although it is a pretty big departure for Harley Davidson, I think that it will help boost their reputation with a younger crowd that is conscious of the environment. Harley Davidson is also going to create a simulator for the new electric motorcycle for those who have never ridden a bike before.

Although the company has not released a price point for the new Harley Davidson Electric Powered Motorcycle, I hope it will be more affordable than the electric cars on the market.