New Zealand Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tour


After talking about our virtual Harley Davidson Motorcycle tour of Australia last week, Jim and I got to thinking about heading to New Zealand, as it is just a hop, skip and a jump from, “The Land Down Under.”


New Zealand is an amazing country that consists of a north and south island. A few of our friends have been before and say that both islands are a must. I did some research and discovered that there are quite a few places that rent Harley Davidson motorcycles, including the largest in the country, which is called Bularangi.


Jim and I like to meet new people when we travel and because we belong to the Harley Davidson Owners Group would be able to connect with other H.O.G. members in New Zealand who could help us decide what Harley Davidson motorcycle tours would be the best. Of course, I did some research and found several that sound pretty cool.

Because we don’t know much about New Zealand a guided tour would probably be the best bet as all the tour guides are bred and born on either the north or south island and could show us the best and most beautiful places in the country.


Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown have multiple day tours that would be an amazing way to see New Zealand. I’m quite fond of the three-day wine and whale tour, but if we had enough time we would also like to sign up for the two-day Christchurch Mountain pass tour that includes a tour guide.


The two-day Harley Davidson motorcycle trip starts with a 208-mile ride that leaves Christchurch riding into the vineyards in the Waipara Valley. Crossing the Canterbury Plains the trip takes us through the Southern Alps before riding through the native and beech forests. Apparently, the views of the Lower Buller Gorge are breathtaking. The long ride will take us from the west to east coast of the South Island.


The next day we would head south riding the west coast of the Southern Island with the Tasman Sea to the right and the Southern Alps to the left. The coastal ride also includes a stop at the Punakaki Rocks before heading to Lake Brunner. The steepest part of the ride is Arthurs Pass. After the climb, we get to ride along the High Mountain plateau before making our way back into Christchurch.


There is plenty to see and do in New Zealand, especially on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I didn’t win the lottery last week, so I guess I had better go buy a few more tickets, especially if we want to see everything that New Zealand has to offer.