And it is Still Day One on another Travels with Harley


Jim and I have so many great memories that it is hard to put everything into a single blog, so you may be hearing me wax on lyrically about our Travels with Harley New England Trailblazer Tour for the next few weeks.


Last week I left you with our police escort out of Brattleboro, Vermont and our ride along with Matt from Harley Davidson, but I forgot to mention the Fly Fishing Museum. We all really wanted to see it, but unfortunately, it was closed for the day.


The American Museum of Fly Fishing, or the AMFF, has been around since 1968 and was started by a bunch of enthusiastic and passionate anglers who wanted to keep the history of fly-fishing alive and well. Originally created as an institution in order to preserve and interpret all the great treasures of fly-fishing, today it houses one of the largest collections of angling relating items on the planet, literally in the thousands.


Other points of interest on our first day included the Hildene House, or the Abraham Lincoln Family home. One of the guys that we ride with, Jodi is a huge Lincoln fan, so he was pretty excited about that, and the Warren Covered Bridge, which was also a scheduled event. There wasn’t a meal planned, but one of the locals recommended the Dormy Grill at the Equinox Hotel in Manchester. I had to catch up on some work, yes I know it never stops, so Jim and I skipped the Hildene tour, and opted to meet Matt from Harley Davidson, Jodi, Matt, and Steve later on.


You know how much I love my food, so I was excited about this stop in our Travels with Harley road trip. The view from the patio of the Dormy Grill overlooked the 1st fairway and the 9th green. The menu was simple, mostly sandwiches, but the food was pretty good. Some of the menu selections included a classic Caesar salad and clam chowder as an appetizer and of course, there was a lobster roll on the menu, we were in Vermont after all.


As we rode out of town with Matt, who was riding a 2015 glistening silver Street Glide I noticed that his jacket was actually glowing. I had never really seen the effect of the reflective aspects of the riding clothes before and was awestruck. The sight was incredible. Another rider, Lisa from Georgia was wearing a very stylish Harley Jacket, and of course, I told Jim that I would really love to have that jacket. It was waterproof and had a liner for warmth. Don’t get me wrong, I love my leathers, but not so much my rain gear. If I had the jacket, I wouldn’t have to carry both for the whole Travels with Harley trip.


Wow, I can’t believe it’s already that time and I’m not even on day two yet! Rest assured I have much more to share on our Travels with Harley New England Trailblazer tour.