Travels with Harley in Brattleboro Vermont


Last week I left you in Brattleboro, Vermont, but didn’t get too far. It was a long ride and both Jim and I were exhausted after yet another Travels with Harley, but I still have so much more to share.


Brattleboro, Vermont was our first official stop on the New England Trailblazer Tour. It’s a pretty cool little town with a rich history. In 1724, Fort Dummer was the first English settlement in Vermont and was built to protect the settlers from the Abenaki tribe that used the local woods and rivers for food and transportation. The fort was used to defend against French and Native attacks until 1728 when it became a trading post. Today the fort is submerged by the Connecticut River.

trailblazer groupon road

Fast forward to our trip, we hooked up with the same group that we always do on our Travels with Harley, at least for the last couple of years anyway. We met with Matt, Steve and his wife Jodi. Jodi was riding a yellow Harley Davidson Sportster and always looks like she has so much fun!


That first night we had a blast, as usual. The Holiday Inn Express had a big tent set up in the back and dinner was catered. If you follow my blog, you know I am pretty particular about my food, and the flank steak with chimichurri and assorted salads certainly didn’t disappoint.


The next morning we had a group photo under a huge flag that the local firefighters had hoisted between two fire truck ladders.


After the photo, we were given a police escort as we rode out of town. We also had the opportunity to sign up to ride with one of the Harley Davidson representatives. If your name is drawn, you get to ride with the rep for the day. Matt had his name drawn and we were really lucky to get Matt from Harley Davidson. This was his first national tour ride, although he had done quite a few state rallies.


I still have lots to share as far as our Travels with Harley New England Trail Blazer ride goes, but that will have to wait until next week.