Must Try Harley Davidson Day Trips

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It’s getting hot and that means Harley Davidson day trips close to home. Jim and I like to get away for a few hours, and often turn our Harley Davidson day trips into weekend getaways.

Travels with Harley

Washington State has some incredible Harley Davidson day trips that offer endless scenery and breathtaking views. Some of the great Harley Davidson day trips that you will find in Washington include the Green Valley Taco Run.

Travels with Harley

A short 22 miles long, this great example of Harley Davidson day trips starts from Auburn, WA ending in Cumberland WA. You’ll travel through farmland before climbing up to Black Diamond. After you cross the Gorge Bridge, you will get some fantastic views of waterfalls along the  Green River.

Travels with Harley

I don’t know if I would make it the entire 22 miles without stopping, as there are tons of fruit stands and even a slaughterhouse, which is supposed to have the most incredible elk jerky on the planet, apparently you can spot a few elk on the route as well. Travels with Harley

However, the best stop is at the end where you will find the Cumberland City Hall Saloon. It’s quite a popular out of the way spot with lots of riders who love the place, especially during the summer for beer and tacos.


After doing some research, I found quite a few Harley Davidson day trips in Kansas and since it’s just one state over from our home in Missouri, we may attempt one or more of these Harley Davidson day trips in our neighboring state. Millions of years ago, Kansas was an inland sea that is now loaded with limestone and fossils.

Travels with Harley

The Kansas historic Route 66 is 13.2 miles that begins on the Missouri and Kansas state line just west of Joplin in Missouri. Route 66 does not disappoint with plenty of scenery along the way including an original part of the famous Route 66 that includes the last remaining Marsh Arch Bridge. A stop at the 75-year-old Nelson’s Old Riverton Store, which is one of the oldest and most authentic in the country, is a must.

Travels with Harley

Harley Davidson day trips are never complete, but that is especially the case if you head down to Texas. The Lone Star state is full of Harley Davidson day trips that are perfect for beginners and advanced riders.

The 21-mile Paris, Texas to Caddo National Grassland starts at Scotties Restaurant in Paris, where you can grab breakfast, before heading out to enjoy the beautiful scenery that includes grasslands and forests.

Muddbones Burgers

Although it’s mostly picnic spots along the route at Coffee Mill Lake and Crockett Lake, you’re not far from Bonham where you can fuel up and have a good meal. Personally, I like the look of Muddbones Burgers and can’t wait to try the Old School Burger.

Next weeks Harley Davidson Road Trips? Alaska!