4 Motorcycle Friendly Restaurants Colorado

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

If you follow the Travels with Harley Blog, you will know how much Jim and I love to eat, and although he is more of a meat and potatoes guy, I can get him to sample some of the interesting menu items that I like to try. This week we are going to share some motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado that you will love.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


The Piper Inn Aurora

Located on S Parker Road in Aurora, CO, the Piper Inn is known by bikers all over the United States and is a great place for Buffalo Wings. With plenty of motorcycle parking, you will enjoy tucking into a plate of what some call the best wings in Colorado, fries and a cold beer before heading out on a great ride in Colorado.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


Handlebars Restaurant and Saloon

Silverton, Colorado is where you will find this great biker friendly restaurant. Since 1989, the Boden Family has been serving up lunch and dinner for hungry riders seven days a week from May through October. Try the lunch cut prime rib for an afternoon nosh, or enjoy fresh rainbow trout for dinner. When you have a meal at Handlebars, you will not leave hungry.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

Blondie’s Pub and Grub Blondie’s Trophy Room

Claiming to have the coldest beer and the hottest girls in the state, Blondie’s Pub and Grub is a great little place located in Cortez CO, just between Telluride and Durango. Touting its cuisine as, “Mixed,” you will have a difficult time choosing your meal. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, anytime is a good time for Blondie’s, and if you are a breakfast fan, you will not be disappointed.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado


Buffalo Rose

This great bar and restaurant has been around since 1858, and offers folks in search of motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado anything and everything they could ask for.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

From May to August, you can enjoy a free pig roast on the first Sunday of the month at the Buffalo Rose while washing it down with an icy cold beer. With daily specials that include Taco Tuesday and Burger Madness on Mondays, this is one place you will want to put on your motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado bucket list.

motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado

Motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado are great, especially if you are planning a two, three, or four-day trip.

Next week, Travels with Harley will share some biker friendly hotels and motels where you can relax after a delicious meal in some of the most motorcycle friendly restaurants Colorado.

The Best Motorcycle Rides in North Carolina

North Carolina Motorcycle Trips

The south has some amazing Motorcycle rides in North Carolina. North Carolina is blessed with some of the best motorcycle rides in the United States including the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Atlantic Coastal Plain region. Motorcycle rides in North Carolina highlights include Deal’s Gap, also known as the Tail of the Dragon, the Blue Ridge Parkway and of course access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the southern part of the state.

Motorcycle Rides in North Carolina

Jim and I have been on the Hellbender 28 and would love to do it again as this is one of the best examples of Motorcycle rides in North Carolina. With its drop offs and sweeping curves lakeside in the Smokies there are very few rides in the entire country that have the views that the Hellbender 28 has. The 22-mile stretch ends up at Deals Gap beginning the famous, “Dragon.” The roads are in great shape and although there is some commercial traffic, there are plenty of places where it is just you and the road. Halfway through you will find yourself in Fontana Village in Fontana Dam. The resort is very motorcycle friendly and offers lodging and even houseboats to rent.

Motorcycle Rides in North Carolina

When it comes to the best Motorcycle rides in North Carolina, you will not want to miss Mountain Meander; especially if you like waterfalls as there are four of them on this trip including Bridal Veil and Dry Falls. With lots of switchbacks and turns on nice blacktop, you will have an exciting ride. Although there aren’t any roadside amenities on the route, you can continue south on to Highway 64 where you will find fuel and some food stops. Stop by the Jackson Hole Trading Post and Gem Mine on 28 and you can get a free map of the waterfalls in the region.

motorcycle rides North Carolina

It isn’t fair to talk about Motorcycle rides in North Carolina without mentioning Shiner’s Run, also known as The Rattler. You will ride through the mountains from I-40 to the Hot Springs on the 209. You will pass by rock bed rivers, old farms, churches and scenic mountain overlooks.

The road quality is quite good and has something for everyone including elevation changes, high-speed sweepers, twisties, and a couple of nice straight aways when you get to the farmland.

North Caroline Motorcycle road trips

About half way to the Hot Springs, you will find a café and the Trust General Store. The Iron Horse Station hotel restaurant is located at your final destination, the Hot Springs, and is a great place to stay after your ride.

Travels with Harley is hitting the road this summer and can’t wait to share our stories.

A Weekend Motorcycle Ride in Ohio

weekend motorcycle ride

A weekend motorcycle ride doesn’t take as much planning as some of the other long road trips that Jim and I have been on, but you do need to be prepared and remember some of the tips that were mentioned in the last couple of Travels with Harley blogs. Once you are packed and ready to go it’s time to hit the road. This week we are heading to Ohio.

weekend motorcycle ride

Known as the buckeye state, Ohio offers some of the best weekend motorcycle rides in the Midwest. The southeastern part of Ohio really is a motorcycle riders paradise and is filled with twisty roads, river hugging curves and lovely little country towns. The northeast part of Ohio takes you to Lake Erie, which is proud to be the 11th largest lake in the world.

weekend motorcycle ride

The Legends of Music Bar Run is a great little weekend motorcycle ride that is only 19 miles long, however because the ride goes through old world Amish Country, the roads have the typical wagon wheel damage and horse debris. It’s best to stay towards the center and make sure that you go slowly. You’ll pass an old windmill and an Amish School House, which some say is the highlight of the entire ride. Take a picnic lunch with you or stop for one at Quick Check Foods in Killbuck. You can also stop for food and gas at Miller’s Dutch Kitchen, an authentic Amish Family Restaurant, but best check it out on Monday through Saturday as it is closed on Sundays.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The 26-mile Cuyahoga Valley National Park Run starts out in the industrial valley, but quickly gets rural as you ride along the old canal system. If you want to see old bridges, waterfalls and some really cool caves take one of the side roads. If you like to hike, there are 125 miles of trails where you can stop and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. This weekend motorcycle ride takes you through quite a few towns where you can have a bite to eat, or if you want to head into Akron, there are plenty of places to curb your appetite.

Rocky River Reservation

Valley Parkway is another weekend motorcycle ride in Ohio that you will not want to miss. Part of the Cleveland Metro Parks the road starts in Mill Stream Reservation ending at the Rocky River Reservation. The road crosses over the Rocky River quite a few times and is very well maintained. You’ll see waterfalls and lakes along the way as well. This is definitely a Sunday kind of ride and is ideal for cruising, if you are looking for speed, this isn’t the weekend motorcycle ride for you.

motorocycle road trip

When we have the time, Jim and I are always up for a weekend motorcycle ride and will hopefully get in a few more before the end of summer. Next week we are going to explore Delaware.

Just Another Motorcycle Road Trip in Massachusetts

Motorcycle Road Trip

A Motorcycle Road Trip can take an hour or ten days, depending on where you are headed, but as Jim and I like to say, any Motorcycle Road Trip is a good trip, as long as you are prepared ahead of time.

If you follow our Travels with Harley Blog, we have been sharing some great examples of the perfect Motorcycle Road Trip and this week we’re headed to Massachusetts.

Motorcycle Road Trip

From the thick forests in the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts, to the huge bluffs in Cape Code, Massachusetts really does have it all. You can hit the small towns, or spend a night in Boston for great shopping and dining. The Mayflower landed in Massachusetts followed by the Revolutionary War and the Witch Hunts.

Motorcycle Road Trips

Through the Country to the Castle is a great Motorcycle Road Trip that has mountains, ocean and country roads that take you to Castle Island all in just 36 miles. You’ll go through Blue Hills Mountain where you will see amazing views of Boston and the surrounding areas on winding roads that are invigorating and well paved. Quincy Shore has a couple of great eateries including Tony’s Clam Shop, which has a great selection of seafood platters.

The Country Whip Inc

Scenic Route 105 is another great Motorcycle Road Trip in Massachusetts that you will not want to miss. You will drive through orchards and farms taking you through Acushnet ending up in historic Marion. There will be lots of 90-degree right and left turns. When you get to Acushnet, stop at The Country Whip Drive Inc, and try a lobster roll and some fried clams.

Sams Pizzaria and Cafe

If you don’t have all day, but feel like getting out for a great little Motorcycle Road Trip, take the 23 mile Route 66 to Northampton. You’ll ride past mountains, farmlands, and state parks on good quality roads with lots of curves and hills. Once you get into Northampton, you will find a lot of great places to eat and shop, two of my favorite activities. Try to find something with outside tables, such as Sam’s Pizzeria and Café where you can enjoy a gourmet pizza washed down with an icy cold beer. Sam’s has live music Wednesday through Sunday and is open until 3:00 am on the weekends, not that Jim and I are ever up that late, or early!

Motorcycle Road Trip

Jim and I love Massachusetts and hope to get in another Motorcycle Road Trip for another Travels with Harley adventure soon. When that happens, we will definitely keep you posted!

Harley Davidson Tennessee Road Trip This Spring

Travels with Harley

A Tennessee Road Trip is spectacular all year round, but especially in the spring and on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Nicknamed the Volunteer State, because of the thousands of soldiers who volunteered during the War of 1812, most prominently risking their lives in the Battle of New Orleans, Tennessee also stood up to the plate during the Mexican War when a mere 2,800 were asked to volunteer by the secretary of state and 30,000 responded.


When it comes to scenery, Tennessee certainly has it all from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where the wildflowers are in bloom right now, to the hustle and bustle of Nashville. Tennessee is also home to Graceland in Memphis. The gorgeous estate belonging to the King of Rock, Elvis Presley, is a must on your next Tennessee Road Trip.

Travels with Harley

The Tennessee Legend is an awesome Tennessee Road Trip that is 455 miles long. Of course, unless you don’t want to see anything, you may want to consider taking a couple of days to enjoy this Tennessee Road Trip. The twisty road with lots of tight curves offers gorgeous scenery with canyons, rivers, mountain valleys, and spectacular waterfalls. This Harley road trip certainly has it all with plenty of stops along the way. Try motorcycle camping, or go white water rafting. There are plenty of opportunities on this trip for you to get off your bike and stretch your legs.

Travels with Harley

Highway 141 is another must take Tennessee Road Trip during the spring. A short jaunt, at just 20 miles, this is an alternative route to the interstate and with excellent roads you’ll want to pick a destination before you head out so that you can enjoy the rest of your day. After all, don’t you want to have some fun getting there? The Edgar Evans State Park is the perfect place to stop for a picnic, especially this time of year.

Travels with Harley

If you would rather someone else did the cooking, drop in to the Rose Garden Restaurant about halfway in to your Tennessee Road Trip in Silver Point. Jim and I love great food where you least expect it, and apparently this little diner is right next to a gas station. It would be great for breakfast as the homemade biscuits and gravy are apparently the best in the state, according to Yelp anyway, and if you follow our blog you will know that I ALWAYS check out restaurants before we jump on the Road King.


Travels with Harley

Visit the Great Smoky Mountains in all her glory on the Tennessee 32 Road Trip. This 14-mile ride takes you through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Cherokee National Park. Thanks to the wet winter, the cavalcade of colors from the abundant wildflowers is truly spectacular. One of the best things about the Tennessee 32 is that there is literally no traffic with the exception of about the last one and a half miles or so. Make sure you gas up, and don’t forget to pack a lunch. You will want to enjoy the beauty of spring on your own time.

Travels with Harley

This spring head to one of the most beautiful states in the country and enjoy a Tennessee Road Trip on the back of your Harley.

Tennessee is so plentiful when it comes to an awesome Tennessee Road Trip were going to spend another week in what is also known as the Butternuts state.

Have a great week everyone!

Three Harley Road Trips in the Gem State

Travels with Harley

Harley road trips have been a bit tough thanks to Mother Nature, and although it may not seem like it in some parts of the country it really is spring, meaning we can all dream just a little bit more about some great Harley road trips that may have to wait a week or two.

Travels with Harley

Idaho is a beautiful country full of great Harley road trips that Jim and I are just itching to check out. Known as the Gem State, Idaho is rich with scenic areas including snow-capped mountain ranges, steep canyons, gorgeous lakes, and natural resources. Take Harley road trips along the Snake River as it rushes through the deepest canyon in the U.S., Hells Canyon, or stop by the Shoshone Falls as it makes it way down the cliffs that are higher than Niagara Falls.

Travels with Harley

The 175-mile Lola Pass is a great example of some of the best Harley road trips in Idaho, and so easy. All you do is start is Lewiston Idaho on the US Highway 12 and head east towards Montana. The route takes you all the way across Idaho. You’ll see awesome sections of the Lewis and Clark trails as you wind through the Rocky Mountains in both Idaho and Montana. The curvy trip has very little traffic and great roads, however, you won’t find any amenities like some of the other Harley road trips that Jim and I have been on.

Travels with Harley

Known as Two Passes and a Lake, this is 106-mile trek is another great example of Harley road trips that is one of Idaho’s best-kept secrets. The trip starts at Alpine Junction traveling north to Swan Valley on Highway 26. Follow the signs to Highway 31 and head towards Jackson Wyoming and then Hoback Junction before looping back to where you started. The beautiful ride takes you around Palisades Lake and into Swan Valley.

Travels with Harley

The Snake River Canyon is full of elk, deer, and mountain goats so make sure you bring the camera. Jackson has everything including a museum, white water rafting, and a real Western shoot out in the summer months. If you get hungry, Jackson has some great eateries including The Deck that features spectacular views of Jackson Hole Mountain.

Travels with Harley

Another example of awesome Harley road trips in Idaho is aptly named the Gold Rush Historic Byway, or Greer to Headquarters. The 42-mile trek is full of cougar, bear, wolf, turkey, grouse, deer, and coyote so take the Go Pro so you don’t miss a thing. You’ll ride through farmland and woodlands before heading up the mountains in the Gold Country. Although the ride is short, it seems longer thanks to the curves. Best to take it during May or June as it is very seasonal. Along the ride route, you can stop at the John Howard Bradbury Logging Museum and the Weippe Discovery Center. Pioneer Inn IdahoIf you are hungry, like we always seem to be, stop at the Pioneer Inn in Pierce. You can stay the night or just have a bite to eat. The historic Inn serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and apparently the food is pretty good.

Hopefully by next week we can all get on our bikes for real Harley rides, but if not we’ll head to Tennessee for the road trip of a lifetime. A virtual road trip anyway.

Harley Road Trips in Alabama

Travels with Harley

Harley road trips is what spring is all about and now that spring has officially sprung, it’s time to pull your Harley out of storage, dust it off and hit the road for great Harley road trips.

Travels with Harley

A couple of weeks ago we took you on some great little Harley road trips in Georgia and promised to take you on some Harley road trips last week, but St. Patrick’s Day side tracked us so we are going to head to Alabama this week instead.

Travels with Harley

Although there is no official nickname for Alabama, it has been known as the Yellowhammer state since the Civil War; Alabama is known for its rich cultural history and is a great place for Harley Road Trips. Some of the trails you can enjoy include the Native American Trail, the Civil War Trail, the Covered Bridge Trail and the Civil Rights Museum trails. Scenery around the state varies from lush forests to rolling hills with a small bit of the Gulf coastline, which is perfect for Harley road trips.

Travels with Harley

The Paint Rock Valley ride is 42 miles long and features some very sharp curves that have even the most experienced riders take care. The windy valley road takes you right along the Paint Rock River that is rich in animal and plant life that you will not find anywhere else. You can gas up at the top of the mountain, but as far as other amenities go, it’s best to pack a lunch and enjoy the scenery.

Travels with Harley

Eagles Point Guntersville State Park is another one of those Harley road trips that you will want to plan. This 79-mile trip takes you along a windy path near the river with gorgeous scenery that is hard to beat. With good quality pavement and lots of straights and turns, it is a good ride that you will want to sample if you are in Alabama. There are quite a few places to stop along the way where you can gas up and stop for a bite to eat. One of the most popular is in Guntersville. Stop for lunch halfway through your trip at the Top of the River, which is known for its catfish and seafood.

Travels with Harley

The Cheaha Mountain Skyway is a great little example of Harley road trips that you will not want to miss as it takes you along the Cheaha Mountain near Talladega in Eastern Alabama. The 44-mile trek is full of unspoiled countryside and into the Talladega National Forest. The wildlife is abundant, so don’t be surprised if you spot a couple of hawks or deer from the back of your Harley. Once you come off the mountain, you will roll into meadows, farms and a couple of small towns. If you want to make it a weekend trip, stay at one of the cozy cabins at the Cheaha State Park where you can relax in a hot tub while pondering the day’s events.

Travels with Harley


Stick with Travels with Harley this spring as Harley road trips are abundant and we plan to take you on every one we can find, in a virtual sense anyway!

Not to Be Missed Motorcycle Rides in Georgia

Travels with Harley

If you are on the hunt for great motorcycle rides in the South, Travels with Harley has a few suggestions that you may want to try. This week we are going to focus on the Peach State, otherwise known as Georgia.

The best motorcycle rides are usually off the beaten track. At least that is what Jim and I think. We have been on a few motorcycle rides where the only thing on the road was us and maybe a car or two the entire trip.

Fort McAllister State Park

We have done quite a few Travels with Harley motorcycle rides in Georgia and really enjoy the great scenery. The coastal area of the state gives riders plenty to look at with its beaches and beautiful marshland. Popular motorcycle destinations include Fort McAllister State Park and Savannah.

Travels with Harley

The Meridian Road Canopy Ride is gorgeous when it comes to beautiful motorcycle rides, and although there aren’t any roadside amenities, the scenery makes it well worth gassing up beforehand. Meridian Road starts out near Cairo, GA and takes you into Tallahassee Florida. If you enjoy hills and turns this is the ride for you as the road takes you through canopies of trees and plantations that you will not want to miss.

Tate House

If you enjoy historical landmarks, the 19-mile Tate to Dawsonville will take you through the historic town of Tate where you will drive right past the Tate House, which is 45 miles north of Atlanta. Colonial Sam Tate who was a land baron, philanthropist, and tycoon built the pink marble mansion in 1926. The Tate House is now one of the most sought after wedding venues in the south. The Tate to Dawsonville road features quite a few turns with some tight blind turns that are best suited for more experienced riders. This ride has some gorgeous views, but no amenities to speak of except for a couple of gas stations.

Travels with Harley

The 99 mile Scenic Route from Springfield to Augusta is stunning and begins at City Limit Customs in Springfield. You’ll ride over the Savannah River into South Carolina and continue until you head back into Augusta GA. On this trip, you will pass through plenty of plantations and dense forests so don’t forget your camera. The roads are mostly flat until you hit the 125 where there will be some small hills to contend with. The roads are all paved and although the amenities are sparse out of Springfield there are plenty of gas stations, restaurants and shops once you get to Augusta.

Travels with Harley

When it comes to motorcycle rides, the south has plenty. Next week Travels with Harley heads to Alabama for more great motorcycle rides in the south.

Harley Davidson Day Trip Out of Las Vegas

Travels with Harley

The best Harley Davidson Day Trip is a spontaneous one. However, some Harley Davidson Day Trips are best planned in advance.

Everyone loves Las Vegas, for obvious reasons, but most people have no idea that the City of Sin has some great Harley Davidson Day Trips.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is about an hour’s drive just west of Las Vegas. The 13-mile Harley Davidson Day Trip loop offers plenty of well-maintained pavement with lots of overlooks, vistas, and sightseeing. If you are short on time, check out the Calico Vista Point when you head out for this Harley Davidson Day Trip.

Valley of Fire

Nevada’s oldest state park is also a great place to head out for a Harley Davidson Day Trip. The Valley of Fire State Park was dedicated back in 1935 is just 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Mt. Charleston Lodge


The Mount Charleston Loop is another great Harley Davidson Day Trip that you will love. Just take Highway 95 out of Las Vegas where you will ride through Lee and Kyle Canyon. The roads are very well maintained with plenty of twists and turns that will take you up and back down the mountain. Best fill up before you go, and don’t forget to stop for a bite at the Mount Charleston Lodge for an Angus burger and fried cheesecake for dessert.

Death Valley

More than a Harley Davidson Day Trip, the Death Valley Run is spectacular, especially during the spring. This year promises to be one of the best in decades when it comes to the wildflowers that have been eluding the area for a few years. The 161-mile trip offers some of the best scenery in the world with wrinkled and rugged mountains towering over the gorgeous cavalcade of spring flowers.

Furnace Creek Resort

Although quite desolate with very few amenities, Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells do have a general store and a gas station. You can enjoy a meal at the Toll House restaurant or quench your thirst at the Badwater Saloon. Death Valley really is a must for anyone, but especially if you are looking for a great Harley Davidson Day Trip.

If you are heading to Las Vegas, take your bike and enjoy a Harley Davidson Day Trip. Jim and I plan on it if the weather ever starts to improve.

Three California Motorcycle Day Trips this Winter

Travels with Harley

The weather is wrecking havoc all over the country, and isn’t the best for motorcycle day trips. However, California has the warmest temperatures on record for February, and if you are lucky enough to live in California there are some awesome motorcycle day trips that you can enjoy.

Travels with Harley

There is still quite a bit of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains, so if you are thinking about motorcycle day trips you may want to stick to central and southern California where you can enjoy the twists and turns that California is famous for when it comes to motorcycle day trips.

The Miners Diner

The Montezuma Valley Road from Ranchita to Borrego Springs motorcycle ride is a Southern California favorite when it comes to motorcycle day trips. The road has some drop offs and can be very steep reaching to an elevation of just over 3000 feet. The road leads you into the town of Julian where you will find plenty of places to eat including The Miners Diner that has some of the best specialty sandwiches in the area. If you live or plan to visit San Diego this is one of the best motorcycle day trips that you will find.

Cucina Italiana

Another great example of motorcycle day trips in California is one that you will not want to miss. The CA 121 Napa to Winters ride is for serious enthusiasts. As you take off from Napa, the road takes you up the hills towards Lake Berryessa. With the never-ending curves and smooth pavement the 121 is like an E-ticket ride at Disneyland. Stop for a bite at Cucina Italiana at Lake Berryessa in Napa, which is one of the best Italian restaurants in the area.

Paradise Valley Cafe

Highway 74 takes you from Hemet to Indian Wells and is an awesome example of motorcycle day trips. As you head towards the top, you will experience lots of twisty corners before straightening out. Once you start descending into the Coachella Valley, you will experience more twists and turns. Although there are not many amenities, make sure you gas up before you go; there are quite a few hiking trails and campsites. If you want to stop for a bite to eat, try the Paradise Valley Café, which is located at the intersection of Highway 371 and Highway 74. This great café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has something for everyone including burgers, sandwiches, soups, and salads. Drop in for breakfast and enjoy a breakfast beer and some of the best biscuits and gravy that you will ever have.

Travels with Harley


When it comes to motorcycle day trips, it doesn’t get much better than California. I know if Jim and I were in my home state, we would be enjoying one right now!

Motorcycle Riding and Much More

Travels with Harley

Motorcycle riding in the winter can be fun, especially if you are riding with a big group, or have a trip planned that you have never done before. Jim and I enjoy motorcycle riding with our friends, but are always interested in finding out what else is happening with the other HOG chapters, especially during February. However, if the weather we have had is any indication of what the rest of the month is going to be like, you just may want to head over to an indoor H.O.G. event instead of venturing out with the brave on a motorcycle ride.

Travels with  Harley

Lone Wolf Harley Davidson always has lots of motorcycle riding events, and if you are a member of the Harley Davidson Owners Group head over to Lone Wolf for its annual pizza party. The event starts at 6:00 pm with free pizza for members. Located at 19011 E. Cataldo St. in Spokane it promises to be a great evening for all Lone Wolf registered H.O.G. riders.

Travels with Harley

Thursday February 4th is a great night for a fun event if you are anywhere near Adam Smith’s Texas Harley Davidson. The Masquerade Bike Night runs from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm and offers guests live music, a bead toss for prizes, cold beer, and Cajun food for purchase. Get ready to party and don’t forget your costumes for the contest. Located at 1921 Shoalmont Road in Belford, TX this is something that you will not want to miss.

Travels with Harley

Barbs Harley Davidson always has great rides and events, and this coming Friday night isn’t any different. February 5 is the annual Wing Bowl held the Friday before the Super Bowl. The Wing Bowl is located at Barbs Harley Davidson 3601 S. Broad St. in Philadelphia, PA.

Travels with Harley

Dillon Brothers Harley Davidson in Omaha, NE is gearing up for a great event this coming Saturday, February 6. Starting at 10:00 am and running until 4:00 pm the Cabin Fever Poker Run is an in-store poker run featuring parking lot games, calendar girls, food on the grill and ice cold beverages. Who knows, you might get lucky and win a prize or two.

Travels with Harley

It’s a busy weekend for Harley Davidson and motorcycle riding in general with too many events to list happening this coming Saturday February 6, however, some that you will not want to miss include the 25th annual H.O.G. Chili Cook-off and Service Seminars at Silver Eagle Harley Davidson, 4022 Sergeant Road in Waterloo, IA. This annual fundraising event starts at 10:00 am with proceeds going to the Girl and Boy Scouts of America.

Travels with Harley

Another must attend motorcycle riding event happens on Saturday February 6 and is sponsored by the Harley Davidson of Dallas. The Panther Creek Sweetheart Ride starts at 10:30 and is located at 304 Central Expressway S. in Allen Texas. This closed Panther Creek H.O.G. Members only ride is a must if you want to ride with your sweetheart.

,Travels with Harley

Of course, there are plenty more motorcycle rides and events to enjoy. All you have to do is check out the Harley Davidson website for more information.

Harley Davidson Winter Rides

Travels with Harley

It may be winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t jump on your Harley Davidson and go for a ride. Jim and I are hoping to hop on the Road King within the next few weeks, and are really itching to do so. In the meantime, we thought we would share some of the Harley Davidson rides that are taking place all over the country this winter.

Travels with Harley

Florida is beautiful and if you are anywhere near Ormond, Florida you really can get on your Harley Davidson and ride! Bruce Rossmeyers Harley Davidson will be holding the two-day Sunrise to Sunset ride on January 21st and the 22nd. Watch the sunrise in Daytona Beach and enjoy a hearty breakfast before riding to Treasure Island to watch the spectacular sunset.

Travels with Harley

San Marcos, Ca is playing host to the 3rd Annual Poker Ride on Saturday January 23rd, for Autism for the Mountain Shadows Active Learning Center for Autism. Located at the Biggs Harley Davidson at 1040 Los Vallecitos Blvd the event runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Travels with Harley

Rise and Ride with the rest of the Harley Davidson Owners Group from Baton Rouge Harley Davidson. The ride includes biscuits and gravy and starts at 9:00 am on January 31st. Located at 5853 Siegan Lane in Baton Rouge LA, it promises to be a great day and an even better ride.

Travels with Harley

Adam Smith’s Harley Davidson in Waco, TX is playing host to its monthly HOG Chapter ride, and if you are itching to get back in the saddle, you will not be disappointed. The event starts at 10:30 and is the perfect way to dust off those winter blues.

Travels with Harley

The first annual Ladies of Gruene Harley Davidson ride takes place on Saturday January 30th. Hosted by Gruene Harley Davidson in New Braunfels, TX, the event starts at the dealership located at 1288 Loop 387. The Ladies of Gruene Harley Davidson Ride starts at 10:30 am with kickstands up at 11:00 am.

Travels with Harley

Apache Junction, AZ Superstition Harley Davidson is proud to sponsor the Harley Davidson Ride for the Salt Water Wild Horses on Saturday January 30th. Be at the dealership at noon and get ready to ride. Ending at 4:00 pm, the Ride for the Salt Water Wild Horses is free and includes a Victory Party at 2910 W. Apache Trl in Apache Junction, AZ.

If your Harley Davidson is calling your name, check out some of the events listed above, or head over to the official Harley Davidson events page where you will find all kinds of rides to enjoy this winter.

Travels with Harley is Nearly Three Years Old!


I can’t believe that I came up with Travels with Harley back in 2013. Seriously, where does the time go?

This year promises to be bigger and brighter than the last. Jim and I both wish that we could have ridden more this past year, but we are busier than ever and hope to get in more motorcycle roadtrips for Travels with Harley once the weather gets a bit nicer.

In the meantime I thought we would revisit our very first Travels with Harley blog all of those years ago, well not that many years, but hopefully we will be able to say that in 10 years… The blog below was first published on February 25th 2013. A lot has happened since then, but Jim and I still have high hopes of getting our Travels with Harley project funded and filmed we had to cancel the Kickstarter Project, but hope to be back at it soon. This summer looks promising. If you would rather read the original blog, you can check it out here.

First Published February 25, 2013

Preparing for Travels with Harley

And the race is on! Jim and I are so excited about our, “Travels with Harley,” project and we know that you will be too once you get to know us. If you already know us, have worked with us, or have ridden with us, you know how passionate we are about riding.

If you do ride a motorcycle, you know that not everyone is biker friendly, and I’m not just talking about lodging and food. Jim and I have come across many establishments that still think of motorcycle riders as less than stand up citizens, and that is another reason we started, “Travels with Harley.” We want to prove to the world that there is a whole sub-culture of motorcycle riders out there that have real jobs and families. These are folks just like you and me who love to ride and understand that it isn’t always easy to take a road trip on the back of a bike.

Jim and I are in the process of selling our Sears store. We are ready to experience life on the back of our Road King. After 10 years and almost 100 hours a week, it’s time for a break. I also want to spend some time with my family in California, and because of the store, it has been nearly impossible to visit more than once a year. Jim and I are really excited about starting a new chapter in our lives, and this includes “Travels with Harley.”

We already have six backers who have pledged $705.00 of our $25,000 goal. Read our kickstarter project page and help us out. Even if you can’t jump on the back of a Harley and travel across the country, you can do it with us…we can’t wait to share our adventures with all of you. So come along for the ride and don’t forget to check out my weekly blog. A new chapter in our lives has just begun, and we want to take you along for the ride.

Christmas Facts you Won’t Believe

Travels with Harley

In 10 days it will be Christmas Eve, and if you haven’t finished all of your Christmas shopping consider this, the biggest shopping day of the year isn’t Black Friday at all, but the last Saturday before Christmas Day. That Saturday even tops Christmas Eve for the holiday procrastinators.

Travels with HarleySpeaking of Christmas, Travels with Harley has some more interesting little known facts about the most loved holiday on the planet.

The Guinness Book of World Records claims that the largest Christmas tree ever recorded was a cut 221 foot displayed back in 1950. The Douglas Fir took pride and place at the Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle, Washington.

Travels with Harley

Spider Webs and spiders are quite common in Poland at Christmas time with the Polish decorating their Christmas trees with webs and the spiders. Poland considers spiders a sign of good luck bringing prosperity and goodness as legend has it that a spider was responsible for weaving the Baby Jesus’ baby blanket.

Travels with Harley

The first state in America to officially recognize Christmas was Alabama in 1836, with Oklahoma being the last state to declare Christmas Day a legal holiday.

Speaking of declarations, it wasn’t until June 26 in 1870 that the United States legally declared Christmas as an official holiday.

Travels with Harley

Christian historians claim that it was Martin Luther, 1483-1546, who was so moved by the beauty and light from the stars that shined between each branch of a fir tree, brought one home to decorate with candles to share with his family on Christmas.

The giant log that burns during December 25 to January 6, or the 12 days of Christmas, is known as a Yule Log. Some historians believe that the word Yule, means, “Wheel,” or “Revolution,” symbolizing the return of the sun. When the log and its charred remains are burned, it offers fertility, health, and luck, not to mention the Yule Log’s ability to ward off evil spirits.

Travels with Harley

Next week Travels with Harley will share its last blog about little known Christmas facts; personally, I cannot wait to see what we come up with! Merry Christmas and I hope you have your shopping and baking done, or at least close to it !

Motorcycle Road Trips in the fall

Travels with Harley

Motorcycle road trips are great all year round, but especially during the fall, and now that summer is beginning to wind down, we thought we would share some of the best places in the country to get on your bike for Motorcycle road trips while enjoying the cavalcade of colors as the leaves start to change their hue.

Although the peak time to see the autumn leaves is between the end of September through the middle of October, we thought we would share a few Motorcycle road trips suggestions so that you can plan your ride.

trailblazer trees

Jim and I have had the pleasure of riding through the northeastern states when we rode with other riders on the New England Trail Blazer ride last year. Although autumn hadn’t officially begun yet, we were able to catch a glimpse of early fall with the leaves just starting to turn. If you want to enjoy motorcycle road trips during the fall, New England is certainly a great place to start.


The Scenic Route 100 in Vermont is stunning and one of the best places to start your motorcycle road trips in the fall. This popular tourist destination is known as one of the most, if not the most, scenic drives in the area and is part of what is called the, “Skiers Highway.” The byway is 138 miles long and takes you through Rochester, Hancock, Granville, Bridgewater, Ludlow and Plymouth as well as a few other towns that include Stratton, Jamaica, Londonderry, and Stockbridge. If you want to enjoy Motorcycle road trips this fall, the Scenic Route 100 should really be on your list.


The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee offer travelers a visual feast anytime of the year, but especially when the leaves start to fall. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has several Motorcycle Road Trips that you can take to enjoy the colors of autumn. Spend a few days in Eastern Tennessee on Motorcycle road trips and stay in a delightful B & B so that you can wake up to a gorgeous fall morning in the Smokies.


One of our favorite rides in Tennessee is Cades Cove. Most of our friends enjoy this trip because the 31 mile drive is located in the western Tennessee section of the National Park and is the perfect place to enjoy early fall colors. From historic buildings to breath-taking fall landscapes and wildlife, Cades Cove should not be missed if you are planning motorcycle road trips this fall.

If you haven’t started planning your motorcycle road trips for autumn, better get a move on!

Missouri Motorcycle Road Trip Accommodations

Travels with Harley

If you are planning an extended motorcycle road trip, you will need a place to stay, unless of course you plan on camping. However, Jim isn’t one for camping on a motorcycle trip so I am always checking out hotels, motels, bed and breakfast places and little Inn’s that are friendly to people who are on a motorcycle road trip.

Travels with Harley

Jim and I have always wanted to explore our great country on the Road King, and if we ever get to retire, plan on it. In the meantime, I’ll do my research to make sure that we have lots of accommodations to choose from when we do go on another motorcycle road trip.


Some people like to go on a motorcycle road trip without making plans, but if you have been reading our blog, you will know that I am not one of those people. I like to know something about the restaurants that we will come across on our motorcycle road trip as well as the hotels and motels that we may consider staying in.

Because Missouri is where we call home, I thought I would mention a few hotels that are biker friendly if you are out on a motorcycle road trip in Missouri.

TTravels with Harleyhe Staybridge Suites are located on Keene Street in the historic Vista District in Columbia, MO and have a private parking lot just for motorcycles, something that you don’t see all that often if you are on a motorcycle road trip. The hotel offers free breakfast, always nice, an indoor heated pool, and a fitness center.

Travels with Harley

If you want to stay in a cabin or a room on your next Motorcycle Road Trip, you should book a night or two at the Kay Lynn Family Resort on the Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach. It has a private parking lot for motorcycles, free Wi-Fi, BBQ’s, tables and chairs and a kitchenette where you can cook your meals. Located just a few minutes from some of the best restaurants in the area, the Kay Lynn Resort has everything you need if you are heading out on a motorcycle road trip.

Travels with Harley

Not everyone likes to stay in a hotel, and if you would rather stay in a private home, check out Meeks Retreat. This vacation property features three bedrooms and two baths and is located on a 50-acre private wooded setting. With lake front views from the deck, you can relax in this wonderful retreat that is just 40 miles outside of Branson, MO. The kitchen is well-stocked with everything you need so you can kick back and relax before heading out on the next leg of your motorcycle road trip. Oh, and Meeks Retreat also has bike washing facilities and plenty of bike parking.

Travels with Harley


Next time we will head out to my old stomping grounds to look for some more places to stay on a motorcycle road trip.

The Perfect Weekend Motorcycle Ride in Washington

Travels with Harley

Located in the North Western part of the United States, Washington State is a popular destination for a Weekend Motorcycle Ride, and if you are looking for some great places to enjoy a good meal, keep reading.

Travels with Harley

Anatone, Washington is home to Boggan’s Oasis, the ride to get there is somewhat boring until you make it to the Canyon, which is home to the famous Rattlesnake Grade. People who are heading out for a Weekend Motorcycle Ride like the fact that you can go down on one side while making your way back up the other, turn right around and do it all over again.

Travels with Harley

Boggan’s Oasis is next to the Grande Ronde River at 61376 Highway 129 and has rooms for rent and a mom and pop shop with a diner. Bikers who are on a Weekend Motorcycle Ride always stop for the milkshakes, which are supposed to be the best in the state. Other menu items include Hearty Skillet Breakfasts, Biscuits and Gravy, Homemade Chili and Chicken Fried Steak.

Travels with Harley

If you are planning a Weekend Motorcycle Ride to Mt. St. Helens View Point, you have to stop by the Cougar Bar and Grill in Cougar, WA. Located at 16849 Lewis Road there are some great winding roads that lead you down to Highway 13 right alongside the Columbia River. The Cougar Bar and Grill serves up traditional American food, such as Clam Strips and Fries, Potato Skins with Nacho Cheese and out of this world Onion Rings. The décor is classified as, “Super Vintage,” with a potbelly stove to complete the picture.

Travels with Harley

Woodinville, WA is home to the Forecasters Public House with both inside and outside seating areas. Perfect for a Weekend Motorcycle Ride pit stop, the Forecasters Public House has a great atmosphere and is located right across the street from the Chateau St. Michel Winery.

Travels with Harley

I couldn’t stop staring at the menu, not to mention the choice of great brews brought to you by REDHOOK. I think we would have to eat more than one meal at the pub, as I couldn’t take my eyes off the Beer Baked Mac and Cheese and the Sausage Platter. Featuring German Sausage, Hot Link, and a Redhook ESB Bratwurst served with a side of House made Blonde Ale Cheese Sauce; it was more than enough for a meal. Other choice items on the menu at the pub located at 14300 NE145th St. include the Blackened Salmon Sandwich and the Blackhook Braised Shepherds Pie .

Travels with Harley

A Weekend Motorcycle Ride wouldn’t be complete without having a meal at Whidbey Pies and Café. Smack in the middle of the Whidbey run at 765 Wonn Road in Greenbank, WA you can grab a bowl of Seafood Chowder, a classic Reuben Sandwich, or a grown up Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Travels with Harley

However, the real reason people stop here on a Weekend Motorcycle Ride is for the pie. With choices such as Salted Caramel Apple, Triple Berry, and Rhubarb, you will have to take a walk before you head out for the rest of your Weekend Motorcycle Ride.

Next week, Travels with Harley is heading out to Virginia for some more great places to stop on a Weekend Motorcycle Ride.

Motorcycle Road Trip Eats

Travels with Harley

This week we promised to share some Motorcycle Road Trip Eats from California, and if you have been following our blog for over two years now, yes, that’s right two years, you would know that we always keep our promises.

Some of the best places to eat if you are on a Motorcycle Road Trip are those little out of the way places that only other riders know about, and that is surely the case, especially in California.

Travels with Harley

Located on Main Street in Locke, Ca and about 60 feet from the river’s edge, Al the Wop’s was originally a Chinese restaurant that was built back in 1915. When Al Adami came into town he was the only non-Chinese establishment in the Chinese section of nearby Walnut Grove. Al bought the building from Lee Bing and brought all kinds of surprises to the patrons including cutting off ties and throwing money on the ceiling. Known for Steak and Pasta, Al the Wop’s is still operating serving up awesome dishes like Steak and Peanut Butter and Stinkey Fries.


The Bear Republic Brewing Company is where you will want to head if you are on a Motorcycle Road Trip and craving a good brew pub. Healdsburg, Ca is home to what some call the best brews in Northern California including its famous IPA, Racer X. The Republic Brewing Company is located in the heart of Sonoma County and serves up some great food including Brewer’s Mac and Cheese with Dungeness Crab.


The famous Black and Blue Flamed Grilled Burger and Garlic fries are meant to be out of this world. Oh, and don’t forget to try the Wild Game Chili with Wild Boar, Venison and Antelope Chorizo.

Travels with Harley

If you enjoy seafood, you have to stop at Bill and Carols Sea Shanty on your next Motorcycle Road Trip. Bill and Carols Sea Shanty is on Highway 1 in Cayucos, CA and is a local favorite. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Bill and Carols Sea Shanty is a great place to watch the sunset over the ocean.


Everything on the menu sounds delicious including Calamari Strips and Thresher Shark. If Jim and I stopped in for breakfast I would definitely have to try the Crab Hash, tomato and Scrambled Eggs that comes served on an English Muffin topped with cheese. If it was for lunch, the charbroiled fish sandwich would be my choice.


With so many great places to eat on a Motorcycle Road Trip it was tough to narrow it down to one more for this weeks blog, but after much research I decided to go with the one that I would most want to head to.

Travels with Harley

The Deer Lodge in Ojai, California is a Motorcycle Road Trip destination for sure. With deer horns everywhere and a rustic feel, the Deer Lodge has been around since 1932 and is located on the Maricopa Highway.


With such an incredible menu, that serves both lunch and dinner, you will want to have an appetizer, entrée, and of course dessert. For dinner I would start with the Grilled South Carolina Quail followed by the Pan Roasted Day Boat Scallops. For dessert? Well, I must say it would be tough, but I would have to go for the Butterscotch Pudding.

Next week we’re heading to Wyoming for some more Motorcycle Road Trip Eats.

Food for Thought on a Harley Davidson Road Trip

Travels with Harley

If you follow our blog, you will know that when we go for a Harley Davidson Road Trip, the first thing that is usually on my mind is food, sometimes even more so than lodging, but that is something to consider as well. Jim and I have stayed in our fair share of less than appealing hotels, even those that get five star reviews; however, we will talk more about that in a future blog.

Travels with Harley

When Jim and I take a Harley Davidson Road Trip, but don’t have a lot of time, we like to explore our own state of Missouri, and let me tell you, there are plenty of great eateries that cater to riders.

Baylee Joes BBQ

Baylee Jo’s BBQ in Ironton, MO can handle lots of bikers on a Harley Davidson Road Trip. Situated at 1315 N. Highway 21, it’s got a large patio outside that has live music and can cater to big groups. The menu items are homemade and include everything from jalapeno poppers and onion petals to ribs, frog legs, and seafood platters. The menu is huge!


The Bayou Bar and Grill is literally out in the middle of nowhere, but is a great destination if you are on a Harley Davidson Road Trip. The Cajun eatery is located in Pocahontas, MO and serves up everything from authentic catfish or chicken po’boy sandwiches to homemade gumbo and gator tail. Located at 6611 County Road this is a must stop if you are heading out on a Harley Davidson Road Trip, especially if you like live music.

The Lewis CafeThe Lewis Café is somewhat of a landmark here in the Midwest and has been doing its thing since 1938. The beef is all locally raised and the portions are huge, but be warned, you really need to save room for some homemade pie. The Lewis Café is perfect for biker groups on a Harley Davidson Day Trip with a huge parking lot right across the street at 145 Main St, St. Clair.


The menu has some great food including the famous biscuits and gravy and chicken and dumplings. The daily specials are yummy as well with liver and onions on Mondays, a personal favorite, and ham hocks on Wednesdays.

Travels with Harley


With so many great places to eat when you venture out on a Harley Davidson Road Trip I’m going to have to share more next week when we head out to California, my old stomping ground.

Even More of the best biker bars in the US

Travels with Harley

After the massive response that we have received in the last few weeks regarding the best biker bars in the US, we have decided to continue our search. Although it is proving quite difficult at times, as many of the listings contain the best biker bars in the US that have sense closed up shop, we will do our best to keep you up to date and posted if and when any of the best biker bars in the US decide to close their doors.

Travels with Harley

If you live in, or are lucky enough to travel to the Aloha State, you will find quite a few of the best biker bars in the US including Bob’s Sports Bar in Kailua on Oahu. The food is not your standard bar fare and includes fantastic menu items such as Cajun Style Shrimp, veggie burgers and fried chicken with white pepper gravy. If you aren’t a local, or are, but don’t have a bike, you can rent a Harley Davidson for an up close and personal of Bob’s Sports Bar.


Although we have featured a few of the best biker bars in the US located in California, we found one that we missed a few blogs back.

Located in Tracey California, The Mountain House Bar is a great little hangout and another that has made it on to our list of the best biker bars in the US. With a great outdoor venue and live music, the Mountain House Bar is a laid-back biker bar that has an open mic every Sunday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Personally; I can’t wait to try out the mouthwatering BBQ.

Travels with Harley

Head northeast to Westchester Idaho and you will find some of the best biker bars in the US like Syls Bar and Grill. Celebrating its 20-year anniversary back in December of 2014, Syls is a great hangout that is walking distance to the lake. Some of the food items on offer include burgers and fries along with other standard bar fare.

Travels with Harley

South Dakota is the home of the infamous Sturgis Biker Rally, but there are also some of the best biker bars in the US located in this Midwestern state. The Mangy Moose Saloon is located on Main Street, Hill City and has something for everyone including Karaoke and live music. The menu is pretty awesome as well with jalapeno bottle caps and snakebites to start with. If you can get past the appetizers, you might want to try the smothered burrito or the moose BBQ chicken sandwich.

Travels with Harley

Summer is just around the corner, and that means plenty of opportunities to hit the road, not to mention paying a visit to some of the best biker bars in the US. If you do saddle up and venture out, don’t forget to tell the proprietors’ that Travels with Harley sent you.