Harley Davidson Bikes for Women


Every time we go on a Harley Davidson road trip or a Travels with Harley adventure, I am teased about riding on the back of the Road King. It seems like quite a few couples that we have met over the years in the Harley Davidson chapters all over the states each have their own motorcycles. Of course, I might have my own bike someday, but I’m still quite comfortable leaving the Road King in Jim’s hands. With that being said, I have started to check out some of the bikes that would be appropriate for women.


I consider myself an average size woman and while I do work out and try to keep fit there are some Harley Davidson motorcycles that I could not handle. I don’t’ know if I could handle a Harley Davidson Heritage or a Harley Davidson Fat Boy for that matter. One of the best things about Harley Davidson is the fact that there is a style and model for every person out there regardless of your size.


I really like the look of the Harley Davidson Sportster SL883L. With a seat height of 660mm, it doesn’t make me feel like I have to grab a step stool just to go for a ride. Harley Davidson designed the L with us in mind with its low seat and smaller front wheel. The bike isn’t light and weighs in at 252 kg, but because the weight actually sits lower in the chassis, you don’t really notice. Another plus of the L is that the handlebars offer a closer reach. The classic cruiser has a big sound, but isn’t considered a rocket ship. Actually, I think Jim would prefer that I didn’t hit the road going 100MPH; he has and always will be one for safety.


Another Harley Davidson that is popular with the ladies is the Big Twin models, especially the Softail Deluxe FLSTN. Introduced in 2005, I’ve seen more and more gals riding it right alongside the Softails, Dynas and the Touring models. The 2009 Softail Deluxe is pretty nice and I’ll bet Jim and I could find a really nice one at an even better price.


Back in 2014, Harley Davidson launched two new motorcycles especially for women. The Street 500 and the Street 750 were the first new bikes introduced by Harley Davidson in 13 years with the bosses at Harley Davidson hoping that every woman will have one tucked away in the garage.


The Harley Davidson Street models are sleeker and have smaller handle grips along with lower seats. The foot peg positions are different and seem to appeal to women Harley Davidson riders.


The jury is still out as to whether or not I will ever ride my own Harley Davidson, but until then I am quite happy to ride shotgun with my husband on our Harley Davidson road trips.