Harley Davidson Day Trip Out of Las Vegas

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The best Harley Davidson Day Trip is a spontaneous one. However, some Harley Davidson Day Trips are best planned in advance.

Everyone loves Las Vegas, for obvious reasons, but most people have no idea that the City of Sin has some great Harley Davidson Day Trips.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is about an hour’s drive just west of Las Vegas. The 13-mile Harley Davidson Day Trip loop offers plenty of well-maintained pavement with lots of overlooks, vistas, and sightseeing. If you are short on time, check out the Calico Vista Point when you head out for this Harley Davidson Day Trip.

Valley of Fire

Nevada’s oldest state park is also a great place to head out for a Harley Davidson Day Trip. The Valley of Fire State Park was dedicated back in 1935 is just 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Mt. Charleston Lodge


The Mount Charleston Loop is another great Harley Davidson Day Trip that you will love. Just take Highway 95 out of Las Vegas where you will ride through Lee and Kyle Canyon. The roads are very well maintained with plenty of twists and turns that will take you up and back down the mountain. Best fill up before you go, and don’t forget to stop for a bite at the Mount Charleston Lodge for an Angus burger and fried cheesecake for dessert.

Death Valley

More than a Harley Davidson Day Trip, the Death Valley Run is spectacular, especially during the spring. This year promises to be one of the best in decades when it comes to the wildflowers that have been eluding the area for a few years. The 161-mile trip offers some of the best scenery in the world with wrinkled and rugged mountains towering over the gorgeous cavalcade of spring flowers.

Furnace Creek Resort

Although quite desolate with very few amenities, Furnace Creek and Stovepipe Wells do have a general store and a gas station. You can enjoy a meal at the Toll House restaurant or quench your thirst at the Badwater Saloon. Death Valley really is a must for anyone, but especially if you are looking for a great Harley Davidson Day Trip.

If you are heading to Las Vegas, take your bike and enjoy a Harley Davidson Day Trip. Jim and I plan on it if the weather ever starts to improve.