Travels with Harley is Nearly Three Years Old!


I can’t believe that I came up with Travels with Harley back in 2013. Seriously, where does the time go?

This year promises to be bigger and brighter than the last. Jim and I both wish that we could have ridden more this past year, but we are busier than ever and hope to get in more motorcycle roadtrips for Travels with Harley once the weather gets a bit nicer.

In the meantime I thought we would revisit our very first Travels with Harley blog all of those years ago, well not that many years, but hopefully we will be able to say that in 10 years… The blog below was first published on February 25th 2013. A lot has happened since then, but Jim and I still have high hopes of getting our Travels with Harley project funded and filmed we had to cancel the Kickstarter Project, but hope to be back at it soon. This summer looks promising. If you would rather read the original blog, you can check it out here.

First Published February 25, 2013

Preparing for Travels with Harley

And the race is on! Jim and I are so excited about our, “Travels with Harley,” project and we know that you will be too once you get to know us. If you already know us, have worked with us, or have ridden with us, you know how passionate we are about riding.

If you do ride a motorcycle, you know that not everyone is biker friendly, and I’m not just talking about lodging and food. Jim and I have come across many establishments that still think of motorcycle riders as less than stand up citizens, and that is another reason we started, “Travels with Harley.” We want to prove to the world that there is a whole sub-culture of motorcycle riders out there that have real jobs and families. These are folks just like you and me who love to ride and understand that it isn’t always easy to take a road trip on the back of a bike.

Jim and I are in the process of selling our Sears store. We are ready to experience life on the back of our Road King. After 10 years and almost 100 hours a week, it’s time for a break. I also want to spend some time with my family in California, and because of the store, it has been nearly impossible to visit more than once a year. Jim and I are really excited about starting a new chapter in our lives, and this includes “Travels with Harley.”

We already have six backers who have pledged $705.00 of our $25,000 goal. Read our kickstarter project page and help us out. Even if you can’t jump on the back of a Harley and travel across the country, you can do it with us…we can’t wait to share our adventures with all of you. So come along for the ride and don’t forget to check out my weekly blog. A new chapter in our lives has just begun, and we want to take you along for the ride.

More Problems in the History of Harley Davidson

Travels with Harley

Over the past few weeks Travels with Harley has shared the History of Harley Davidson coming up with some amazing facts and stories that you probably weren’t aware of. This week we will take you from the late 1990’s to 2007 in the History of Harley Davidson

The first overseas Harley Davidson factory opened in the free economic zone in Manaus, Brazil in 1998. The location positioned Harley Davidson in the Southern Hemisphere motorcycle market, securing another notch in the History of Harley Davidson.

Travels with Harley

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the History of Harley Davidson saw its demand peak and began a program that expanded its dealerships throughout America. During that same period, existing dealers were waiting for new inventory for up to 12 months for some of its more popular models.

Travels with Harley

Just like car manufacturers, Harley Davidson will record a sale when it is delivered to the dealer, not when a customer buys the product making it possible for a manufacturer to inflate the sales numbers. This requires Harley Davidson dealers to accept more motorcycles than they want or need. Known as channel surfing, it means that there could be a dramatic decline in stock prices, which is exactly what happened to Harley Davidson.

Travels with Harley

In April of 2004, Harley Davidson Owners Group shares fell from $60.00 to under $40.00. Just before the decline, CEO Jeffrey Bluestein saw a profit of $42 million prior to his retirement. This was followed by a class action suit filed by Harley Davidson stockholders, who claimed that they were intentionally duped and defrauded by directors and management.

Travels with Harley

In 2000, several United States Police departments began reporting problems when it came to instability at high speeds. In fact, the California Highway Patrol reported weave and wobble instability while testing on a track in 2006. This problem was quickly dealt with at the factory providing another interesting chapter in the History of Harley Davidson. However, Highway Patrols across the country started to go with BMW instead of Harley Davidson.

Travels with Harley

In January of 2007 more than 2,700 Harley Davidson employees from the York, PN plant embarked on a strike after the company failed to agree on health benefits and wages. The company shut down the plant after negotiations broke down. In February of that same year, an agreement was reached. However, the strike disrupted the national production of Harley Davidson causing a layoff of 440 employees. This also affected suppliers who were forced to lay off Harley Davidson workers because of the Harley Davidson strike.

Travels with Harley

Next week Travels with Harley will share the last chapter of the compelling History of Harley Davidson from 2008 to today.