Harley Davidson Livewire VS Victory Charger

Victory Charger

A few months back the news broke about Harley Davidson getting into the electric motorcycle game, but according to recent reports, Harley Davidson just might be nipped at the finish line thanks to a new patent that was filed with the Trademark and US Patent office.

Victory Charger

Polaris, who recently purchased the manufacturing part of Brammo, an electric motorcycle company, filed the name, “Victory Charger.” Victory Motorcycles manufacture cruiser-style motorcycles and is one of Harley Davidson’s biggest competitors.

Victory Polaris

According to Polaris, the patent was filed for; “Electric motorcycles and structural parts therefore,” which according to the patent office is used as a placeholder because signature design and symbols cannot be patented. This is the first time that Victory has publicly acknowledged their race in the electric motorcycle game.

Victory Polaris

The Victory Charger uses Brammo’s drive train technology that is expected to take the electric motorcycle world by storm. Rumor has it that Polaris intends on rolling out the new Victory Charger during the third quarter of 2015.

People in the know claim that it would be nearly impossible to install a Brammo drive train into the Victory chassis in such a short time, which has some folks wondering if the new Victory Charger will look more like the Empulse manufactured by Brammo.


People in the Harley Davidson camp tend to think that the Charger will simply be rebranded using the Brammo Empulse. With that being said, the Victory Chargers will be manufactured at the Victory facility in Iowa.


Harley Davidson went public with the Livewire tour that included test rides and that just may give the electric Victory Charger the edge thanks to the awareness and publicity created by Harley Davidson and Livewire. Unless Harley Davidson releases the Livewire before Victory releases the Charger, those thousands of people who got to ride an electric motorcycle, just may not wait for Harley Davidson opting to buy the Victory Charger instead.

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Personally, I love the big sound of our Road King and unless I lived in the city, wouldn’t want to go zipping around on an electric motorcycle whether it’s made by Victory or Harley Davidson. I know that Jim wouldn’t either.